Having access to some of the world’s finest ethnic cuisines is one of the many reasons that makes New York a culinary destination....

Having access to some of the world's finest ethnic cuisines is one of the many reasons that makes New York a culinary destination.

Bustan NYC

Bustan has brought the flavors from Southern Europe, Western Asia and North Africa to the Upper West Side for the last four years. Bustan stands out in a sea of Mediterranean restaurants with their palate enticing multicultural approach to food and drink. Bustan, meaning "garden" or "orchard" in Hebrew, Arabic, and Ancient Aramaic has an eclectic gastronomic style complemented by the hospitality of Israel, which blossoms with a contemporary Mediterranean vibe and realizes the vision of owner Tuvia Feldman. 

Many of the restaurant's signature dishes and breads are made in a Taboon oven; a rare find in the city, creating dishes that can't be replicated. Tuvia Feldman recently hired new Executive Chef Eli Buliskeria and pastry chef Shir Rozenblat to re-invent his restaurant's menu with a focus on Israeli cuisine. 

Chef Eli Buliskeria served in the Israeli Army at as a cook in the Combat Engineer Unit, serving Kosher meals for the Army for over 3 years.  Soon after he got a job at Choelys in Israel where he cooked for Politicians, Ambassadors and Presidents. Pastry Chef Shir Rozenblat met Chef Buliskeria in the kitchen and soon after they were enticed to come to America to work at the Paper Factory Hotel.  Restaurateur Tuvia Feldman, a former fashion designer, hired the two to join his team at Bustan as Executive Chef and Pastry Chef respectively. Menu highlights include Smoked Eggplant Carpaccio, Organic Faroe Islands Salmon and the Nemesis is a must for a decadent dessert.

487 Amsterdam Ave.

New York, NY 10024


Toriko NY

Japanese yakitori has long been one of the favorite styles of serving every part of the chicken on skewers that combines the techniques of charcoal grilling served with in an izakaya style to capture the delicate nature Japanese cuisine.  Toriko NY is the first U.S. location serving upscale Japanese yakitori and resides under the Tokyo Restaurants Factory umbrella, which also has Mifune New York and Sushi Amane stateside.

Executive Chef Shinji Odahara has crafted a menu that features different skewers seasoned with varieties of shio (Japanese sea salt), tare (soy-based sauce), and fresh ground wasabi. The best way to experience this tasting flight is through the omakase that features skewers of the chef's choice along with smaller versions of the top dishes on the menu.  For those feeling adventurous order off of the a la carte menu with familiar and exotic options such as Sabiyaki (tender loin with wasabi), Seseri (neck), Maruhatsu (heart), Sunagimo (gizzard), Yagen (soft bone), Furisode (drumette),Bonjiri (tail), Kawa (skin) and Tsukune (chicken meatball) as well as a selection of non-poultry and grilled vegetable skewers.

Large dishes that use classic Japanese techniques are deliciously prepared such as the Oyakodon (Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl) or the Toriko Bento Box. Small plates include Foie Gras & Truffle Chawanmushi, Chicken Liver Mousse, Grilled Wagyu, and the delicious house specialty Toriko Wonton Shio Ramen, made with chicken bone broth, house made wheat noodles, chicken wontons, boiled egg and microgreens. Pair with a custom Japanese shochu cocktail or dry Japanese sake for a sublime experience.

76 Carmine St.

New York, NY 10014


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