SPIRIBAM, Fine Rum Specialists, welcomes the arrival of Admiral Rodney to its American shores. As a rum brand long admired by the most enthusiastic...

NEW YORK, May 28, 2019 – SPIRIBAM, Fine Rum Specialists, welcomes the arrival of Admiral Rodney to its American shores. As a rum brand long admired by the most enthusiastic rum professionals, Admiral Rodney has been redesigned and relaunched to showcase the treasures of aged rums hidden in the vaults of Saint Lucia Distillers, and to celebrate the life and achievements of a great naval strategist.

Three clever blends with smart packaging make up the initial Admiral Rodney releases known individually by three prominent ship names in Admiral Rodney's flotilla: HMS Princessa, HMS Royal Oak, and HMS Formidable. Admiral Rodney is the latest of several prestigious rums to enter the United States from Saint Lucia, making Saint Lucia the top new origin for luxurious world-class rums. The Admiral Rodney signature flavor profile comes from the robust base rum extracted from lower plates on the Coffey still, where there is less alcohol but more natural flavor and true rum character. These rums are then patiently aged in oak casks and meticulously blended to create soft, rich sipping rums that tell stories long after your glass is empty. Rum enthusiasts can expect a heavier body than is usually present in column still rums, complemented by a rich rum profile. These characteristics can be attributed to the technique of extracting pure rum from the lower plates of the rectifier column and extending periods of aging in oak casks.

The inspiration behind the development of this line originates from St. Lucia Distillers original Admiral Rodney blend that celebrated the famous English naval strategist Admiral George B Rodney who famously "broke the line" and vanquished the French fleet at the Battle of the Saints in 1782. A flagship in terms of age and complexity, the distillery chose to build upon their collection and expand Saint Lucia's stake in the global premium rum universe. Already a multi-award-winning rum, Admiral Rodney has been labeled by several of the world's most esteemed rum aficionados as the best pure rum made on a traditional twin column Coffey still.


The Admiral Rodney series of award-winning rums commemorates the famous Battle of the Saints and toasts the courage and valor of British sailors who "broke the line" and defeated the French navy. With three distinct expressions, it is without a question that Admiral Rodney rum is a fine aged rum unparalleled to any other.

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