Best Indian Restaurant London: A Quick Guide

Best Indian Restaurant London: A Quick Guide

Looking for the best Indian Restaurants London has to offer? Look no further!  We have compiled a list of the top-rated Indian restaurants in London, from Michelin star establishments to local favorites. 

Dishoom – Bombay-Style Food and Vintage Deco

A search for "Indian restaurant near me" will probably lead you to Dishoom. Dishoom is a beloved dining destination that will transport you straight to the heart of Bombay with its authentic cuisine and vintage decor. 

Once you step into the restaurant, you'll greeted by an ambiance reminiscent of Irani cafes from the 1960s, infusing an air of nostalgia. The eclectic menu is a culinary journey through India, featuring a broad selection of dishes from aromatic curries to fluffy biryanis, tangy wraps, and soft naan breads. To complement these main courses, Dishoom offers an array of chutneys bursting with flavors.

Dishoom has also carved out a niche for itself with its distinctive decor that pays homage to Bombay's rich history. The vintage decor, coupled with the warm and inviting atmosphere, makes it a favorite among locals and tourists alike. 

Gymkhana – Gourmet's Take on Indian Street Food 

Gymkhana is another top spot for those searching best Indian Restaurant London has to offer. The restaurant has received much critical acclaim, being named best in the city by many publications, and earning its first Michelin star in 2014. 

Gymkhana is a delightful twist on traditional Indian street food. The menu features classic Indian dishes coupled with modern gourmet ingredients and techniques, creating an exquisite culinary experience. 

The restaurant boasts an elegant Victorian aesthetic featuring antique furniture and artifacts from the Raj era. As you dine here, you'll be surrounded by decorative elements that will remind you of the grandeur of the British rule in India. 

Trishna – Coastal Cuisine and Seafood Specialties 

Trishna is a fine dining Indian restaurant London that provides a unique take on Indian coastal cuisine. Their menu features seafood specialties from India's western coast, such as succulent King Crab Masala and Grilled Squid with Coconut Chutney. 

The restaurant has been praised for its creative use of spices and modern presentation. Trishna also stands out for its stunning interior, with beautiful chandeliers and plush seating. Part of its charm lies in its inventive interpretation of traditional Indian decor, making it an ideal setting for special occasions. In addition, they offer an indoor terrace and al fresco dining that is perfect for a romantic dinner. 

Whether you're looking for classic Indian dishes or modern takes on coastal cuisine, Trishna offers it all. 

Amaya – Grill-Based Menu and Stylish Presentation 

To be the Best Indian Restaurant London has, a restaurant has to do more than just cook delicious food. Amaya understands this concept and strives to provide customers with a truly remarkable experience. Its menu features an array of grilled dishes, such as tandoori chicken and lamb chops, that are cooked in a traditional clay oven. 

Amaya is also known for its stylish presentation and excellent service. This swanky restaurant draws inspiration from the opulent palaces of Rajasthan in India. From its golden walls and ornate furniture to its velvet curtains, you'll be transported into a world of pure luxury. Amaya also offers an outdoor terrace with comfortable sofas and beautiful views of the city skyline. 

Chutney Mary – Innovative Fusion Cuisine 

You have not experienced the best Indian restaurant central London until you've been to Chutney Mary. This modern and stylish eatery is renowned for its innovative fusion cuisine, combining traditional Indian flavors with contemporary techniques. From the classic Tandoori Prawns to the Thai-style Lamb, Chutney Mary offers an unforgettable culinary experience. 

The restaurant also stands out for its chic decor – this includes exposed brickwork, ornate chandeliers and teal-coloured furniture. Beautiful artwork from renowned Indian artists line the walls of the restaurant, create a vibrant and inviting atmosphere. Plus, Chutney Mary also has an outdoor terrace so you can enjoy delicious food with views of London's skyline. 

Benares – Sophisticated Ambiance and Michelin-Star Status 

Benares is one of the Michelin star Indian restaurants London prides itself on. This sophisticated restaurant has garnered a reputation for its exquisite cuisine and glamorous ambience. From the carefully crafted decor of gold, red and green to the attentive service, Benares offers an immersive dining experience. 

At Benares, you can enjoy classic dishes such as Tandoori Salmon accompanied by mouth-watering sides like Saag Aloo with fresh chapattis. You can also sample one of the experimental dishes such as Seabass with a spicy Jalfrezi sauce and boneless crispy chicken. Diners can also enjoy hand-crafted cocktails, served in beautiful glassware to add to the sophisticated atmosphere. 

Cinnamon Club – Modern Take on Indian Cuisine Set in a Historic Library

Probably the best Indian Restaurant London has in terms of atmosphere, the Cinnamon Club is located in a Grade II listed former library. The interior boasts tall ceilings and elegant decor that will make you feel like royalty. 

The menu also offers an impressive range of Indian dishes with modern twists – think Tandoori Turkey Tikka or Lamb Kofta with a Fenugreek Sauce. You can even choose from one of their signature dishes, such as the lobster and prawn Karahi. The restaurant has a wide selection of sides and desserts, and their wine list is very impressive. 

The Cinnamon Club also offers an afternoon tea menu with traditional Indian snacks like samosas. Whether you want to sample classic dishes or experience modern fusion cooking, the Cinnamon Club has something for everyone. 

Masala Zone Covent Garden

Masala Zone Covent Garden stands out as a trusted Indian restaurant in Covent Garden and offers some of the best cheap Indian food in London. The restaurant is popular with locals and tourists alike, who come to enjoy the authentic Indian cuisine in a stylish yet relaxed setting.

The menu at Masala Zone Covent Garden offers classic dishes such as Butter Chicken and Goan Fish Curry, alongside creative options like Halibut Shashlik. The restaurant also provides vegan and gluten-free options, making it perfect for those with dietary requirements. 

The service at Masala Zone Covent Garden is friendly and attentive, with knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the perfect dish. 

Veeraswamy – UK's Oldest Indian Restaurant

Opened in 1926, Veeraswamy is not only the oldest Indian restaurant in the UK but is also renowned as one of the best Indian Restaurant in London prides itself in. 

Veeraswamy is known for its royal Indian cuisines, crafted by award-winning chefs from all corners of India. The menu features traditional dishes such as Rogan Josh and Tandoori Murgh alongside modern takes on classics like Chicken Chettinad.

The restaurant is also known for its sumptuous desserts, including the popular Kulfi Sundae and Gulab Jamun. 

Final Words

We hope that your search for the best Indian Restaurant London offers was made easier by this article. All the restaurants mentioned here are sure to provide you with a delicious and memorable experience of Indian cuisine. So, if you're ever looking for some amazing Indian food in London, look no further than these great options! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Indian Restaurants in London

Which area of London is best for Indian food?

Mayfair and Soho are two of the best areas in London for Indian food. Mayfair has some of the most well-known Indian restaurants, like Gymkhana and Trishna, as well as plenty of traditional curry houses. Soho is home to a huge variety of establishments serving Indian cuisine, from small street stalls to higher-end restaurants. The East End is also known for its great Indian food, with Brick Lane offering some of the most iconic curry dishes in the city. For vegetarians and vegans, Southall is an excellent choice as it has a large number of pure vegetarian restaurants.

Which street in London is famous for Indian food?

Brick Lane in the East End of London is one of the most iconic streets for Indian food. This street has been home to a variety of Indian restaurants and takeaways since the 1950s and is now home to some of the best curries in the city.

What is the largest Indian restaurant in the UK?

Aakash in West London is the largest Indian restaurant in the UK. This award-winning restaurant serves a mouthwatering array of regional dishes, from traditional Punjabi cuisine to Mughlai and Kashmiri delicacies.

Where in London is famous for curry?

Again, Brick Lane is the most famous place for curry in London. This iconic street has a huge variety of Indian restaurants and takeaways, serving some of the best curries in the city. However, there are also many other areas in London that are renowned for their delicious curries, including Whitechapel, Southall and Croydon.

Which city in the UK has the best Indian food?

London is widely regarded as the city with the best Indian food in the UK.

Why is Indian food in London so good?

London's Indian food is so good because of its diverse population. The city has a large number of immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who have brought with them their traditional recipes and cooking styles. Also, the range of ingredients available in London allows chefs to create truly unique dishes that are not seen anywhere else in the world.

Why is London famous for Indian food?

London is famous for its Indian food because of the abundance of curry houses found in the city. In addition, London also has a large number of immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who have brought with them their traditional recipes and cooking styles. The combination of these two factors has resulted in some truly unique dishes that are not seen anywhere else in the world.

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