A Delicious Guide For Taking That Long-Distance Food Road Trip

A Delicious Guide For Taking That Long-Distance Food Road Trip

There are two wonders in our world that can cause anyone to overcome their biases and ignorance – food and music. Love either or both of these deeply, and you can't help but feel inspired and enthused by other cultures. As far as food is concerned, it can be so delicious that some drive many miles to sample new delicacies and the freshest ingredients. If you're planning on curating a food tour yourself, you may be wondering how to correctly organize it. In this post, we'll discuss some helpful and delicious steps toward taking that long-distance food road trip, either nationally or internationally.

After all, despite our best intentions we can only eat well to a certain limit every day, and to pair that with comfortable travel means never indulging too much. Moreover, there are so many fantastic eateries, restaurants, delis, cafes, bakeries, and even bars to check out, that a food lover has to be discerning so they can travel to the highlights they're really looking forward to. Let's get started:

Prepare Your Vehicle For Comfort

When you're driving long distances, you need to ensure that you prepare the vehicle for the journey. Check and fix your tire pressure, check your oil levels, top up the fuel tank, and have the windows and exterior cleaned if you can. Vacuuming inside, making enough space for a small trash container during your journey, implementing travel pillows on the seat belts, and a comfortable air freshener can help.

It's also important to only drive when you're alert, as any car accident lawyer will tell you that being drowsy is one of the main contributors to collisions, and having a food coma can certainly make you drowsy and inattentive. This way, the driving doesn't have to feel like a chore, instead taking short journeys from place to place will feel like a natural comfort between exploring landmarks and heading to vibrant, busy food areas.

Chart A Course Of Cuisine

A food tour is the most easily distracted journey in the world. When you arrive in a local area with authentic cuisine, you might be tempted to go to that place and ignore everything else you had planned. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this, so don't let us discourage you from having spontaneous fun.

That said, a productive food tour trip may have a few locations selected ahead of time. If you really want to eat there, it's good to save some budgetary and stomach space to visit. Booking tables for particular days, planning one meal at a certain place each day, and hoping to try culturally relevant foods from a certain location throughout the week can all make a big difference.

Ultimately, knowing you have something special to look forward to can make the experience so much more enjoyable. That may even include a surprise for one of your family members who could be celebrating a notable event like their birthday. Either way, it's best to make these plans ahead of time, from the comfort of your home, where you can read restaurant reviews and food hygiene ratings in complete peace.

Engage In Light Activity Between Meals

Eating more than you usually would while on an indulgent vacation like this is busy work, but you have to keep your appetite up if you hope to make the most of it. That's why it's good to schedule light activity between meals and make sure you don't overdo it so every day a food coma has to be dealt with.

Shopping can be its own form of exercise (and cause you to walk miles), while light walking to see landmarks, heading on fun activities like fishing with an appropriate temporary license (this could also lead to tasty cooking if you've decided to camp) and more can help you burn off some of those calories and make the next indulgent meal that much more rewarding. As such, a food tour doesn't have to be a solo adventure you take with your taste buds, but a fantastic vacation inspired by great eating.

Document Your Journey

Now, you don't have to document your journey, but for people like us who love seeing people enjoy great food throughout the countries they visit or even in their local area, you'd be blessing us with a treat.

You might take pictures for Instagram, keep a food diary, write a few blog posts, or even just keep your friends and family aware of your journey and some of the delectable delights you've eaten. Even if you choose never to share it, having a record on hand of the foods you've enjoyed and what tastes you've experimented with can be a fun reminder, and maybe even inspire your home cooking in the best possible way.

Bring Home Tasty Souvenirs

Unfortunately, it's hard to bring along everyone we love and appreciate on our food trip, from our family members to friends to even colleagues we've grown fond of. That's unfortunate because people often share and enjoy food with loved ones. Now, you're no doubt planning a fun road trip with friends or family members, so you have some people to share with.

That said, it can be nice to save something for those who couldn't make it on this journey. That might include bringing a gift hamper home to an elderly relative who enjoys all manner of preserves and sweet treats (we believe when they say dentures have no effect on the sweet tooth), or you can offer other goods that inspire love and affection. 

The gift of food or drink can seem simple, but actually sharing a sensory experience with someone you experience from your journey can be a fantastic gesture, and we're absolutely certain they'll appreciate it. What a lovely way that will be to cap off your experience. With this advice, you'll be sure to take that long-distance road trip, centered around eating and drinking heartily, making great memories with friends, and doing so unapologetically.

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