Coffee Fit For a Queen: You’d expect nothing less from The Real Queen of Versailles.

Jackie Siegel's Royal Brew: Savor the Ultra-Premium Coffee from the Volcanic Soils of Acatenango
Jackie Siegel
Jackie SiegelPhoto: Sebastain Bednarski

Written by Patty O’Brien

“Most coffee today isn’t fit for a Court Jester, let alone a Queen,” states activist, model, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Jackie Siegel. Never one to settle for mediocrity, she excitedly explains, “That's precisely why I decided to make my own!"

Queen of Versailles Cooffee
Queen of Versailles CooffeePhoto: Sebastain Bednarski

Whether designing and decorating America's most magnificent residential estate or preparing a homemade lasagna dinner for her family, The Real Queen of Versailles always strives to go the extra mile and achieve excellence.

“Taste is everything, especially in coffee. However, most brands today claiming to be luxury coffees are far from it.” A true coffee aficionado, how far was Siegel willing to go for a perfect cup of coffee? "All the way to the volcanoes of Acatenango!" she enthusiastically responds.
Jackie Siegel
Jackie SiegelPhoto: Sebastain Bednarski

That was the beginning of Siegel’s journey to the mountains of Guatemala and the fertile volcanic soil of the Acatenango region. Accompanied by her business partner, brand visionary Michael Glovaski of Gloverse , she discovered that this is where high-altitude, organic Arabica coffee beans, universally recognized as the best of the best, flourished.

Always one to put her heart, soul, and mind into her passions, Jackie became a student of the art and craft of luxury coffee making. She learned about coffee bean varieties, cultivation processes, and brewing techniques from around the globe. She discovered that Acatenango coffee beans are the foundation of the world’s finest brews. She soon realized the remarkable similarities in crafting exquisite wine and producing authentic luxury coffee. 

“It takes the finest grapes to produce a fine wine,” Siegel acknowledges. That’s why The Queen of Versailles Ultra-Premium Coffee is made exclusively with 100% Acatenango high-altitude coffee beans, organically cultivated in beds of ancient volcanic soil. These beans are grown and nurtured on a sprawling, self-sustained agricultural estate with a fascinating history reaching back over 130 years. “The property’s dedication to the environment and social sustainability made it the perfect home for my coffee,” Siegel proudly declares.

Her quest for ultra-premium quality didn’t stop there. Just as paint alone does not make a Picasso, she learned how a Master Blender transforms organic Acatenango coffee beans into a unique blend that will become the perfect cup of coffee.  “The Queen of Versailles Ultra-Premium Coffee is roasted for perfection and individually numbered by Matteo Drocco, respected Italian restauranteur and passionate Master Blender, to ensure single-origin batches, every batch,” she explains. 

Her passion for excellence has been duly recognized. Her ultra-premium luxury coffee has been awarded an impressive 87 out of 100 points by the Specialty Coffee Association. “It’s been a true honor collaborating with our coffee farmers and Master Blender. I’ve fallen in love with this magnificent land, the birthplace of The Queen of Versailles Ultra-Premium Coffee,” says Siegel.

Jackie Siegel
Jackie SiegelPhoto: Sebastain Bednarski

As she savors a sip with closed eyes and a contented smile, Siegel sits back and enjoys the sublime pleasure of her freshly brewed achievement. Mmmm. It truly is good to be the Queen.

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