Botran Rum, Unveils its Game-Changing Global Campaign: “Capture the Colour of Life”

A Toast to Innovation and Authenticity in Botran Rum's Bold New Direction
Gaby Esprino
Gaby EsprinoBotran Rum

Botran Rum announces the launch of its global campaign, "Capture the Colour of Life" which  marks a new era for the top-selling aged rum in Guatemala. With an 80-year heritage and  presence in more than 50 countries across the world. 

Botran has inherited a unique perspective on life, one that is more joyful, vibrant, and colorful. This distinct outlook is reflected in their exceptional rum. Unlike other rums in the industry that are made from molasses, Botran has chosen to use virgin sugar cane honey, which adds richness and freshness. Instead of aging their rum statically, Botran has opted for dynamic aging. To oversee the process, they have entrusted three women master blenders who possess the skill of alchemy. The resulting rum is adorned in a beautiful aqua blue color, reminiscent of the rivers, lakes, and oceans that grace their land of eternal spring. This departure from the darkness that once dominated the premium rum market sets Botran apart.

Botran Rum
Botran RumBotran Rum

Today, Botran Rum continues to push boundaries and come up with new ideas as it strives to be unique. With its campaign Capture the Colour of Life, Botran encourages rum enthusiasts worldwide to adopt a positive perspective and view life from a different angle. At its core, Botran believes that things may not always be what they appear to be, but rather how we perceive them.

We feel a great sense of pride as we introduce our campaign at the Miami Open, where Botran has been the official rum of the tournament. 'Capture the Colour of Life' is more than just marketing; it is an invitation to society to embrace optimism in a world that is becoming increasingly dull. This is the principle we uphold, and we aim to spread it to the world, stated Ivan Valdez Coll, Senior Global Marketing Manager of the Aged Rum Category at Guatemalan Spirits.

People Celebrating with Botran Rum
People Celebrating with Botran RumBotran Rum

Botran launches its campaign at the Miami Open, a popular event known for its lively ambiance and vibrant colors. As a proud sponsor of this prestigious tournament, Botran is excited to share its festive and vibrant approach with attendees, which is evident in every sip.

Cheers!Botran Rum

I attended the Botran Event at Hard Rock Stadium, which was held to celebrate Botram Rum and their collaboration with the Miami Open. I have to say, the atmosphere was wonderful and the drink itself was even more delightful. This Rum is incredibly refreshing and captivating, making it an ideal choice for social events and parties.

About Botran Rum (Boilerplate placeholder): 

Botran Rum is the top-selling aged rum in Guatemala with presence in more than 50  countries across the world. With more than 80 years of legacy, Botran produces premium  rum that embodies a fresh perspective to the industry. 

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Maria Ramery 

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Instagram: @Botranrum #CaptureTheColourOfLife

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