A Culinary Passport: London's Global Dining Scene

Taste the World by Exploring London's Top International Restaurants
Jacuzzi London Interior
Jacuzzi London InteriorPhoto Courtesy Jacuzzi
Parliament & Big Ben
Parliament & Big Ben

London is a city celebrated for its diversity, particularly when it comes to food. With a wealth of restaurants representing cultures from across the globe, food enthusiasts can indulge in a variety of cuisines without ever leaving the city. During my 5-day trip to London, I had the pleasure of dining at a selection of the best international restaurants. Each venue not only offered an explosion of flavors, but also enveloped me in atmospheres that were unique and delightful. From the rustic charm of The Cadogan Arms to the opulent setting of Gymkhana, each experience was a testament to London's ability to transport diners around the world. Here are some top picks that I recommend you try on your next visit!

Gymkhana - Indian Cuisine

Gymkhana Private Vault
Gymkhana Private VaultPhoto Courtesy Gymkhana

Located in the posh neighborhood of Mayfair, Gymkhana draws inspiration from the elite social clubs of colonial India, offering an upscale dining experience that has earned it two Michelin stars. The interior design reflects the grandeur of its inspirations with dark lacquered oak, brass, and rich leather, complemented by photos of polo and other sports, evoking a sense of old-world luxury.

Gymkhana Interior
Gymkhana InteriorPhoto Courtesy Gymkhana

The menu at Gymkhana is a celebration of bold flavors, featuring modern twists on Indian classics. My favorite dishes include the Tandoori Masala Lamb Chops with Walnut Chutney and the Chicken Butter Masala. The dishes are known for their depth and complexity of spices, with the Wild Muntjac Biryani being a standout, often cited as one of the best in London. Their extensive cocktail list highlights the exceptional spirits, gin, and Indian whiskey they have to offer. Despite its refined setting and sophisticated menu, Gymkhana maintains a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a top choice for both special occasions and casual fine dining​.

Gymkhana Table Spread
Gymkhana Table SpreadPhoto Courtesy Gymkhana

The Cadogan Arms - British Cuisine

The Cadogan Arms Bar
The Cadogan Arms BarPhoto Courtesy The Cadogan Arms

For those interested in savoring local flavors, The Cadogan Arms is the go-to spot for quintessential British cuisine. This elevated British pub in Chelsea has been reimagined as a gastronomic destination. The restoration of the historic space preserves its rustic charm, with wood-paneled walls and traditional pub decor. Although keeping with it's image of "the humble pub," there is a sense of Victorian glory seen within the stained glass windows and chandeliers. The venue combines the best of both worlds, offering a cozy, relaxed setting with a touch of elegance.

The Cadogan Arms Interior
The Cadogan Arms InteriorPhoto Courtesy The Cadogan Arms

The menu features hearty British classics made with locally sourced ingredients. Expect dishes like Scotch Eggs, Fish and Chips, and Sunday Roast with all the trimmings. My personal favorite was the Chicken Supreme, topped with a Double Chicken Velouté and paired with Peas, Broad Beans, and Spring Onions. Along with a wide selections of beers, The Cadogan Arms is known for their seasonal cocktails, the stand-out being the Scrumpy Appletini. For dessert, the Sticky Toffee Pudding is a must-have that is sure to excite the tastebuds. The focus is on simplicity and quality, bringing out the best in British flavors.

The Cadogan Arms Sunday Roast
The Cadogan Arms Sunday RoastPhoto Courtesy The Cadogan Arms

The Good Earth - Chinese Cuisine 

The Good Earth Entrance
The Good Earth EntrancePhoto Courtesy The Good Earth

The Good Earth offers a sophisticated take on Chinese dining, with Cantonese cuisine as the star. The inside is elegantly decorated, reminiscent of Old Shanghai and featuring a contemporary art deco interior. The restaurant is spacious as they pride themselves on being able to accommodate large dinner parties and family soirees. With 8 locations across London, you are sure to find one near you during your stay. Overall, The Good Earth provides a serene and refined environment ideal for enjoying high-quality Chinese dishes.

The Good Earth Interior
The Good Earth InteriorPhoto Courtesy The Good Earth

Highlights of the menu include Dim Sum, Peking Duck served with homemade pancakes, and a variety of stir-fried dishes featuring fresh seafood and vegetables. Placed in the middle of every table is a turning plate that allows you to easily pass around dishes for sharing. With so many options to choose from, during my visit we ordered lots of different dishes and ate family-style, this way we could try a little bit of everything! The Orange Chicken was out of this world and is definitely something I would recommend for you to taste. The Good Earth emphasizes fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, ensuring an authentic and memorable dining experience.

The Good Earth Table Spread
The Good Earth Table SpreadPhoto Courtesy The Good Earth

Jacuzzi - Italian Cuisine

Jacuzzi Interior
Jacuzzi InteriorPhoto Courtesy Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi, part of the Big Mamma Group, is an exuberant Italian restaurant known for its lively atmosphere and generously portioned dishes. Located in West London, this restaurant goes above and beyond the standard definition of luxury dining. Envision a four-story Sicilian mansion crammed with Roman statues, stunning crystal chandeliers, mosaic flooring, extravagant red booths, and lush plants. The décor is vibrant and eclectic, creating a fun and festive setting. Even the servers enhance your experience through their energetic personalities and friendly nature. Jacuzzi is sure to be the most lavish restaurant you have ever been to, largely contradicting the statement that "less is more," both in food portions and look.

Jacuzzi Interior
Jacuzzi InteriorPhoto Courtesy Jacuzzi

The menu offers a range of Italian favorites from handmade pasta to Neapolitan pizzas, all prepared with high-quality ingredients. During my experience, we were offered a set menu for our party of 9 that exceeded our wildest expectations. For £62 per person, they served us an abundance of food to share family-style including 6 different appetizers, endless amounts of pasta and pizzas, individual servings of 3 types of dessert, coffee, and limoncello. The Truffle Pasta served in a Pecorino Wheel was hands-down the best pasta I have ever had! Also very popular is the homemade Tiramisu, scooped from a large dish with a "tell me when to stop" service style.

Jacuzzi Table Spread
Jacuzzi Table SpreadPhoto Courtesy Jacuzzi

Riviera - French Cuisine

Riviera London Interior
Riviera London InteriorPhoto Courtesy Riviera

Riviera brings the charm of the French Mediterranean to London with its chic and stylish setting. Taking inspiration from areas like St. Tropez, Cannes, and Antibes, the restaurant offers a relaxed vibe reminiscent of a seaside bistro. With light, airy interiors and artistic designs, Riviera embodies the elegance and simplicity of this famous region. The venue has three unique spaces: a main dining room overlooking St. James's street, the "Amelia" lounge inspired by Pablo Picasso, and the terrace composed of sofas, perfect for chilling and having a glass of wine. Throughout the week, you can expect live entertainment and a resident DJ to complement your meal.

Riviera London Interior
Riviera London InteriorPhoto Courtesy Riviera

The cuisine at Riviera features classic French dishes with a focus on seafood and fresh produce. Menu highlights include the Ratatouille, Veal Chop and Lavender Crème Brûlée, paired with an extensive selection of French wines. The Grilled Beef Fillet and Black Pepper Sauce was a hit amongst my party, and I thoroughly enjoyed the Veal Ragu Rigatoni. Winning the award for most unique cocktail is the Sexy French Popcorn, which has Vanilla Vodka, Cacao Blanc Liquor, Popcorn Syrup, White Choc Foam and Soda. This restaurant is perfect for those looking to indulge in the luxurious yet laid-back essence of the French Riviera.

Riviera Table Spread
Riviera Table SpreadPhoto Courtesy Riviera


Each of these restaurants offers a distinct cultural experience, making it possible to eat around the world right in the heart of London. Whether you’re craving the spiciness of Indian cuisine, the hearty comfort of British food, the refined flavors of Chinese cooking, the exuberance of Italian dishes, or the elegance of French fare, London’s diverse culinary scene has something to satisfy every palate.

Jacuzzi London Interior
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