DRINKWATR® Expands Into Plum Market, Quenching Miami’s Thirst With Quality Ingredients and Design

Miami’s Premium Electrolyte Water Brand, DRINKWATR®, Expands Reach with Plum Market Collaboration

DRINKWATR® is Miami’s newest and most sought-after, upscale electrolyte water brand, taking the city by storm, offering health conscious, high performing consumers a five-time filtered, 8.8 plus, alkaline water rich in electrolytes and pink himalayan minerals.

“Our proprietary blend of minerals supports maximal water absorption and empowers customers to physically perform at their highest level. With DRINKWATR, we are delivering a refreshing and invigorating product to high-performing people who emphasize quality in their lifestyle,” said DRINKWATR founder and CEO, Anthony Bold.

Anthony Bold at DRINKWATR Booth
Anthony Bold at DRINKWATR BoothPhoto Credit DRINKWATR

Most recently, DRINKWATR® has teamed up with Plum Market to offer health conscious shoppers the brand’s elite electrolyte drinking water, initially kicking off at Plum Market’s Aventura location, with plans to expand into additional Plum Market locations in the coming months. Under the direction of Bold’s leadership, DRINKWATR has differentiated itself in the market by providing unparalleled quality and sleek design.

“We’ve established a reputation for partnering with retailers that share our relentless commitment to premium quality. Plum Market shares this principle, and we are confident the collaboration will be mutually successful, and customers can be enthusiastic about our expansion into other locations soon,” Bold said.

DRINKWATR Plum Market Miami Aventura
DRINKWATR Plum Market Miami AventuraPhoto Credit DRINKWATR

Bold is on a mission to elevate the daily water-drinking experience by delivering the world’s best tasting electrolyte drinking water, powered by premium himalayan minerals and a proprietary blend of electrolytes encased in a UV protected bottle sleeve. 

“I’ve worked to bring together innovative design, quality ingredients and innovative technology to deliver not just a premium water brand, but a lifestyle,” Bold says

The brand is making waves with its ultra-purified premium electrolyte water, taking hydration to an entirely new level by quenching the thirst of health-conscious consumers who appreciate sophistication, style, sustainability, and scientifically-backed nutrients. The company is headquartered in Miami and just like his last name suggests, Anthony's bold approach to formulating, packaging and distributing premium five-time filtered electrolyte DRINKWATR bottles are made possible through advanced technologies and distribution channels combined with sophisticated packaging design and biodegradable, recyclable bottles. 


Each DRINKWATR sip promises an alkaline PH balance of 8.8+, with a proprietary blend of essential electrolytes that provide the best hydration on the market. DRINKWATR's fine-tuned formula is designed to facilitate cellular repair, aid digestion, elevate mental clarity, and boost energy levels. DRINKWATR offers the best tasting five-time purified premium water sourced from Florida, with key essential electrolytes including potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and pink himalayan minerals, which support the repair of body tissues on a cellular level.

DRINKWATR’s UV protective bottle sleeve was designed by Bold himself, who is a self-taught designer dedicated to delivering the world great design and quality products.

“Design and fashion are something I’ve studied for decades, so when it came time to design the DRINKWATR bottle, I wanted to create something that was equally functional and aesthetically appealing to the eye for those who appreciate the finer things in life,” Bold stated.

Anthony Bold
Anthony BoldPhoto Credit DRINKWATR

Bold has a long-term vision for DRINKWATR to disrupt and reimagine the drinking water industry by carving out an entirely new sector that combines sophisticated technology solutions and formulated water beverages in a new manner that will enhance public health and drinking water on a massive scale.

“I’ve coined this new sector as BevTech and I’m leading the way to bring together quality water and technology solutions to disrupt an outdated industry,” Bold stated.

DRINKWATR’s premium electrolyte bottled water is the first product a part of a much bigger mission centered around pioneering the BevTech industry, by complementing his premium bottled product division with the most advanced public health solution uniquely designed to substantially increase the quality of daily drinking water. In fact, the company will introduce additional premium water products and technology solutions later this year that will disrupt the drinking water industry by combining proprietary software, hardware and distribution channels that provide consumers with the most elite clean water solution.


Bold makes it clear that DRINKWATR isn't just another water brand:

“We’re building a lifestyle brand that provides a feeling and atmosphere of individuals that appreciate sophisticated design and superior quality,” Bold said. “As we continue to build out our upscale lifestyle brand, we’re also hosting monthly wellness events at our Watr House in Miami Beach. This allows us to foster a strong community of people who believe and hold similar wellness, health, and fitness values.”


DRINKWATR is also available at high-end fitness studios throughout Miami including Equinox locations in Aventura and Brickell, Rumble Boxing Gym, Miami International Airport and the W Hotel Atlanta. Bold attributes the growth of DRINKWATR over the last 15 months to his steadfast passion, determination and execution with attention to detail.

“I’m a proponent in establishing personal relationships with DRINKWATR customers and wholesalers alike. This has enabled us to rapidly grow,” Bold continued. “In turn, DRINKWATR takes a large percentage of revenue to invest in future innovations that will ultimately set a new standard for drinking water. This summer, we are working on making DRINKWATR® available in new markets including Aspen, New York City, the Hamptons, Charleston, Savannah, St. Simons Island, and Nashville.”

Anthony Bold

DRINKWATR® is an elite, sustainable electrolyte water company based in Miami, Fla. with a top-selling premium electrolyte bottled water product available in select retail stores throughout Miami and the Southeast U.S. As the vanguard of the bevtech industry, the company is focused on increasing the quality standard of daily drinking water on a global scale. From sustainably sourced water to innovative bottle design, DRINKWATR® is firmly dedicated to offering the best water products on the market. The company is developing new products utilizing hardware and technology with additional product launches expected in 2024. Founder and CEO of DRINKWATR®, Anthony Bold, is dedicated to advance the industry as a whole, and solve the world’s clean water supply issues with innovative solutions. To learn more about DRINKWATR®, please visit https://drinkwatr.com and follow the brand on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drinkwatr.official.


DRINKWATR® revolutionizes the drinking water industry with premium electrolyte water, sophisticated packaging, and innovative technology

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