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Prosenjit Sen

Prosenjit Sen

By Isaiah Negron

Have you ever been shopping online and found the must-have accessory but you weren’t sure whether it would really complement your look? Prosenjit Sen, Chief Executive Officer of ProSent Mobile and Founder of the new style app StyleChat, is here to take the mystery out of online shopping. This free app connects users with every aspect of their fashion world to allow them to become their own stylist and mix and match the latest fashion trends from anywhere online with items from their own closets. Users can create their own tailor-made collections and style looks with items they already have saved from previous browsing. “This was a grand concept. It’s a very interesting technology,” explains Prosenjit. “As an entrepreneur, my goal is to bring about a new way of doing things, which improves the quality of life.” With this groundbreaking new interface, users can also try on looks by using a selfie and, when happy with how they look and ready to buy, can simply purchase their selection with just one tap.

Prosenjit Sen, StyleChat CEO
Prosenjit Sen, StyleChat CEO

Prosenjit, a serial entrepreneur with more than two decades experience on revolutionary technologies ranging from core business processes to mobile, social media, augmented reality and computer vision, earned his BS in Electronics Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and was part of the founding team of Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA), the worldwide leaders in data integration applications. Prosenjit also worked with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s think tank Interval Research, where he co-founded their first high-tech spin-off. He was also the founder and CEO of SaleMinder, a provider of CRM solutions to enterprise retail and co-authored a book on RFID technology, RFID for Energy & Utility Industries, a PennWell bestseller.

Developed by ProSent Mobile, based in Silicon Valley, StyleChat is the first fashion-based mobile application to combine the advancements in augmented reality, computer vision and image capturing. “I realized this was the way technology was heading,” remarks Prosenjit. “We’ve created a new channel for the future of commerce and retail.” The ProSent team, which is led by Prosenjit, has spent three years researching and developing the StyleChat platform. While StyleChat debuts in the vibrant fashion space, its unique platform and features can be adapted to many other consumer and business spheres.

This summer, StyleChat will introduce a series of strategic brand and content partnerships with a variety of fashion’s top influencers, who will each create their own personalized collections and style boards to inspire the app’s users. “Ultimately, I think style is different things for different people,” says Prosenjit. “We wanted to have a platform that democratizes style so users can express their unique individuality.” So, how will you StyleChat?

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