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Bring back the boutique with this splendid little oasis in Jersey Shore. Although the hotel is not on the Oceanfront Promenade, it is only minutes away from the beach and down the road you will find a lovely sizeable place called Avenue, and it is the cherry on top of this scrumptious sundae.



From the moment you step over the threshold at Bungalow, you are taken by the décor and bar in the lobby. Sporting a retro chic décor, the lobby is complete with a copacetic pool table, born in the late 50s. Authentic, rustic wood furnishings emerge from the crisp white walls, giving the space character and a welcoming feel. A personal favorite would be the perky retro game machines like you would find in a 1950s diner, where Fonzie would be chatting up a lady in a pink and white polka dot circle dress. The foosball table takes center stage as the main attraction, while the vintage pachinko machine hangs on the wall adjacent to the pool table. These little touches add a touch of boisterous, in an already amusing space.



With 24 rooms and 3 floors, making that 8 rooms per floor, this establishment takes pride in being an authentic, boutique luxury lifestyle hotel. Designed by iconic husband and wife reality TV star duo Cortney and Robert Novogratz, this establishment is a reflection of the fun, hip and artsy couple’s ability to rebuild entire city blocks from the ground up, transforming average places into fabulous spaces. Bungalow Hotel was no exception. With a focus on the beach mod, with clean white walls, an airy feel and subtle tones of light brown and pops of bright colors, the Novogratz have created an epic ocean escape.



The hallways are littered with intricate patterns, in an ocean blue and white color, which flow like the waves roll over. Each room is furnished with King-sized beds or larger, flat screen TV, kitchenette, corner chair or lounge and more. The bathrooms are stunningly white and sparkly, with added touches of luxury, especially with the oversized soaking tub. In every room, a flag hangs above the bed, with different countries in every room.



With a skip, jump and hop down the street, you will find yourself dining in luxury at the Avenue, a Parisian Brasserie. The dramatic high ceilings, in an oceanic palette with pearl colored marble tiles shimmer in the natural light gleaming through floor to ceiling windows. The 25-foot bar, inspired by the hull of a ship is there to greet you as you walk in, and it is stocked with the best summer cocktails to kick start your dining experience. After sipping on a cocktail or two, you will find yourself in front of a menu, which may be overwhelming at first, but when you see the lobster roll, stop there. The lobster roll, served on a brioche bun, with tomato, spicy mayonnaise, oranges and arugula is all you need. The serving size is quite generous, and the quality, is even more. This dish is perfect for a beach side setting, there is no better way to enjoy the sun and the surf, without relishing in some seafood. There is also the option for shrimp cocktail, and you will not be disappointed. The shrimp give a new meaning to jumbo.



When it comes time to dessert, you might not want to skip this one. The profiteroles are like little, balls of heaven, made from a crusty, sugary pastry, held together with vanilla ice cream and drizzled with a rich indulgent chocolate sauce. That first spoonful melts in your mouth, keeping you cool from the heat and satisfying your taste buds all at the same time. I miss them already. The perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

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Finally, it is time to soak up the sun and enjoy a little slice of paradise. The beach club at Avenue is the best way to sit back and relax; be sure to get a cabana though. Perfect for families, the cabana’s offer a great getaway from the heat and is perfect for you to leave your belongings in there while you have some well-deserved relaxation time. Enjoy cocktails and servings of summer fruits, brought directly to your side by the fantastic staff. Whether you want a bed or an umbrella, they can accommodate it all. If you were looking to get your feet wet but aren’t too sure about the ocean, there is a rooftop pool, which I’m sure you will enjoy. Don’t worry, they have a bar up there too.




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