Pnina Tornai Creates an Exclusive Lab-Created Diamond Ring Collection for Jared

Pnina Tornai Creates an Exclusive Lab-Created Diamond Ring Collection for Jared

As lab created diamonds are gaining popularity for a sustainable solution for engagement rings, Jared steps up the game by enlisting celebrated designer Pnina Tornai to create an exclusive 25 Ring collection ranging in cost from $1,299.99-$18,999.99  that is exclusively sold nationwide at Jared stores and   What makes the Pnina Tornai's ONE Lab-Created Diamonds collection unique are the special cuts, comprised of additional facets to help maximize the brilliance and sparkle.

Lab created diamonds are grown from seeds and offer customers bigger diamonds with perfect clarity and color for a fraction of the cost of a comparable quality natural mined diamond.
LCDs have the same optical, chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. The difference is they are made in a lab in a matter of weeks or months instead of being made in the earth over billions of years. Additionally all LC diamonds are conflict-free.

According to Tornai, "As a designer, my life is all about creating something from nothing— beautiful thngs that are greater than the sum of their parts. My passion is bringing beauty to the world that wasn't there before, and I am inspired by the wonders of nature as well as the amazing creations of my fellow humans. I am amazed that humankind is able to create something as precious and desirable as a diamond through the wonders of technology. Diamonds are forever, and natural and lab-created diamonds are indistinguishable from one another with the naked eye. I am fascinated by the process of creating a carat or more of lab-created diamond from a tiny diamond seed, and I love that the accessibility of lab-created diamonds allows more people who are obsessed with diamonds (as I am) to own the jewelry of their dreams."

"As the Queen of Bling, I am proud to introduce Pnina Lab-Created Diamonds, with more than twice as many facets as a traditional brilliant cut stone for exceptional fire, sparkle, and brilliance. My newest collection, exclusively for Jared, is more brilliant than ever, designed with human-made magic."

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