Margo Manhattan: A Woman As Beautiful As Her Jewelry

By Alison Cederbaum

There are few things in this world that symbolize a love than a piece a jewelery. And there are few places in New York City that can match the quality and look of Margo Manhattan a boutique shop on Madison Avenue whose sole purpose is to create exquisite pieces for men and women of all ages.

We sat down with Margo to ask her about who she is, what inspires her and to find out more about the business. The whole time she was gracious and extremely knowledgeable about her passion. In fact, when asked who she is as a jewelery designer she gives a vivacious and thoughtful answer: "I make contemparery and edgy looks that make the beauty of the person shine through." She continued along the same theme, "I help to bring out a woman's individual style, which helps to define her; it's almost as if the piece of jewelry finds the person."

Her creative process goes behind making out-of-scratch pieces; she also enjoys making unique jewelery out of old pieces: "If someone brings old gems or jewelery, I love making a brand new piece from that and working one on one with someone to create something truly special."

Even from a young age, Margo had a knack for making beautiful objects, "As a child I enjoyed putting together beaded bouquets and I had a dream about finding a treasure chest in a dungeon of a palace and I carried them home to find out when I awoke it was gone…so I spent my whole life filling that treasure chest."

It is with the next question when get to see a glimpse of what makes Margo tick, "as the daughter of New York City Prima Ballerina Karin von Aroldingen and God-daughter to Ballet Master George Balanchine, I was born into a life of beauty and culture, one that prized precision, hard work and originality. With that in mind, I was inspired by the fast pace of New York and the exciting beat of its dance and theater worlds."

Clearly, Margo gets her drive in business from the wonderful upbringing of her mother. Responding with one word when asked about where she sees the business in the next few years she answers, "Global." And what a perfect way to understand the wonderful personality of Margo. We wish her the best of luck and hope we can help her on her way to international fame. •

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