Bravo Star Chanel Omari: More Than Just a Princess

Bravo Star Chanel Omari: More Than Just a Princess

By Isaiah Negron

In New York City, a girl has to prove she's more than just a pretty face to make it. Designer and reality star Chanel Omari is stepping out into new spotlights to make her mark in the world. She is most famous for her recent role on Bravo's "Princesses: Long Island", narrating the show à la Carrie Bradshaw from her own point of view with commentary on religion, love and finding your inner princess. "The show came to me and I thought it would be a great platform to explore and establish myself," Chanel remembers. "Being Jewish, it was important to me as there was no show out there for Jewish women. I wanted to be a voice for the millennials."

As a graduate of Northeastern University with a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism and Communications, Chanel got her start in television hosting, reporting and writing for leading industry names like Donny Deutsch, Maury Povich, Robert Redford and Anderson Cooper. She has also produced shows for ABC's "What Would You Do?". "I really like helping people deal with their life issues," she says. "I liked the production aspect. I'm a journalist at heart." After her induction into the industry, Chanel began to take the reigns of her own career, hosting events during Fashion Week and interviewing celebrities like Barbara Walters, Lindsay Lohan and Hugh Jackman. After asking a number of "the right questions", she started booking her own interviews for her YouTube channel.

After she began her stints in front of the cameras, Bravo approached Chanel about joining the cast of "Princesses: Long Island." "We all get so consumed with our own professional lives and careers that it's important for people to connect and get to know who you are as a person and relate to you," she explains. "That's why I did the show. I was able to really grow and humble myself from the experience. It's a mirror to see what you can work on, both your strengths and flaws."

Chanel is now branching out into a new realm of production, designing a line of whimsical headpieces and turbans inspired by the fashions of India and her own creative vision. "I started making headpieces for myself, as they're a very cool, sexy accessory, especially when you don't have the time to do your hair. I want to make women feel confident while wearing them," says Chanel. "We all try to follow what's fashionable, but my line was created to be symbols of love and peace, encouraging women to be true to themselves and find their own sense of beauty." Chanel Omari Headpieces launches online at the end of March. With much to be excited about, Chanel looks to the future with even bigger dreams. "I want to host a talk show where I give advice about love, dating and relationships," she says. "I want to help women believe in love again and inspire them. We're all a work in progress." •

Chanel Omari

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