Relax at Spa Castle

Relax at Spa Castle

By Peizhao Sun

Premium relaxation, incredible massages and delectable Korean food aren't all there is to the famed mega-spa-extravaganza. Standing in College Point, Queens, the expansive funhouse that is Spa Castle is nothing but marvelous for its luscious presentation of Asian leisure traditions, as well as the unique layout, accompanied by a serene and relaxing atmosphere. With its signature Sauna Valley, Spa Castle catches the eyes of health gurus and curious Manhattanites alike. Serving traditional Korean relaxation and exquisite culture, Spa Castle is definitely worthy of a visit.

The enormous facility, a five-story and 60,000 square foot complex, houses the famous Sauna Valley, a wide range of different spa pools and a food court. The experience begins almost immediately as guests step inside, as they experience the refreshing, purified and oxygen-enriched air that permeates each floor. After a quick check-in, each guest is provided with an electronic watch, or the key that unlocks most of Spa Castle's calming, healing services. The convenient system also utilizes the watch as it automatically tracks guests' services and purchases, making the overall experience simple and baggage-free. After trying out the bath area, which is modeled after traditional Asian and European bath culture, guests are encouraged to then explore the rest of Spa Castle.

The most notable feature lies within the Sauna Valley, which includes signature rooms like the Gold Sauna, Jade Sauna, Himalayan Salt among others. Decorated in accordance with each room's specific themes, these sauna rooms offer various healing factors through the fusion of infrared rays with natural essences. Natural elements are also featured in the lining of these rooms, as they are made from authentic components. The plates in the Gold Sauna are made of real gold for the mineral, in ancient times, was used for various health purposes. With gold's natural healing properties, a res in this room will leave you wit an increased energy level. The Jade Sauna, on the other hand, exudes a luxurious radiance that both pleases aesthetically and physically; as jade contains calcium and magnesium which emits far infrared healing rays.

The gorgeous sauna rooms aren't the only thing Spa Castle has to offer. Besides Sauna Valley, Spa Pools also service guests throughout the complex. Each pool is equipped with specifically designed aqua jets strategically placed to increase blood circulation and digestion, as well as comforting sore muscles. The complex also includes an exquisite Food Court that offers authentic Korean delicacies, as well as juice bars pumping organic and natural beverages.

Providing excellent service and unique healing facilities, Spa Castle in College Point is definitely fit for Manhattanites longing for some splendid relaxation.

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