Irene Michaels, who was in an early, Off-Broadway production of the legendary musical “A Chorus Line”, currently splits her time between her native...

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Irene Michaels, who was in an early, Off-Broadway production of the legendary musical "A Chorus Line", currently splits her time between her native Chicago and New York City. The dancer and singer is also the founder of I On the Scene, a high traffic webzine about beauty and luxury lifestyles. She is also a style expert and a Contributor at HuffPost where she writes about health, beauty, travel and many other topics for living one's best life. Michaels can be found on the red carpet at the Tonys, the Oscars and Venice Film Festival chatting with stars from George Clooney and Jimmy Buffett  to Miley Cyrus and Colin Farrell. 

Michaels is also an accomplished equestrian, philanthropist and entrepreneur who's anti-aging line, I On Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™, is a favorite of many celebrities.

Michaels, 73, is a former model and actress who had a recurring roleon General Hospital. She formed several businesses including a modeling agency, corporate events company and IMA Contractors, which renovated vintage homes in Chicago.

How does someone who started out as a professional dancer at 11-years-old, successfully run several businesses, develop beauty products, model, act and operate a webzine with 100,000 monthly visitors? "I live life to the fullest," Michaels explains. "I am very adventurous and enjoy exploring and reinventing myself all the time so there isn't anything I feel I cannot tackle."


The I On The Youth Collection by Irene Michaels™ line, made in Chicago and sold on , consists of four products: a roll-on serum, a color correcting cream, in various shades, a gel cleansing cream and makeup remover wipes. The roll-on serum, chosen by Life & Style Weekly as its "miracle in a bottle" is so popular that it sold out completely this November. It was quickly restocked on but with a new formulation that is free of parabens, explains Suzanne Tripaldi, Director of Operations. New products are coming down now in 2019 including sheet masks.

These cosmetics are based on formulas of her own that she has been using for decades. "I would be asked daily by people how I look so young at my age and how do I stay fit, so I decided to share my secrets." Michaels loves the beauty and wellness field because she enjoys inspiring people in how to be youthful. "When we start to lose our youth, we panic and all sorts of things go through our minds. I like to be here to remind people of always having that healthy and positive attitude in spite of life's challenges."


As her adventures and knowledge grew so did the website which launched in 2008. "I always traveled but not as much as I do now. I am traveling to more exotic and interesting destinations so I decided to add a segment on travel."

You can find Michaels reports from red carpet events like the Academy Awards, Golden Globes,  Grammys and Cannes Film Festivals as well as fashion weeks and equestrian events around the globe. Al Pacino, Bette Midler, Vanessa Redgrave, Quentin Tarantino and Ethan Hawke are just a few of the famous people she has interviewed. She has met many iconic stars over the years. "I love Joan Collins, she's such a lady and so intelligent. Joan Rivers was also a true inspiration at so may levels."

I On The Scene has a fresh look after a 2018 redesign with content from over sixty contributors in different locations and readers in France, Britain, Germany, Canada and Brazil as well as the United States.


In her youth, Michaels dated Frank Sinatra's personal manager Jilly Rizzo  and would tour and travel with  Ol' Blue Eyes. "I was considered one of the boys" she says referring to the 1960's group of Hollywood stars that included Sinatra and his pals Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop. "That was my earlier days and was quite interesting exposure," adding with a laugh that today's 20-year-olds, "probably don't know who Frank Sinatra is!"


As if Irene doesn't already wear enough hats she has recently retaken up music, something that was a passion earlier in her career. She even released an album but gave up that creative endeavor to concentrate on modeling, acting, and performing in local clubs around the city. When we met for this article, Irene had flown back from Europe, performed in the evening, yet was unaffected by jet lag.


More than anything, horseback riding is Irene's true passion. "It's more than just a hobby". She has been riding her entire life and has always owned horses. "I have ridden and competed all over the world earning my Colors which means I can hunt on any field in the country. Even with her hectic schedule she makes time to ride as often as possible. "It's not an easy task at my age to be doing so many things and riding amidst all of it, so I am pretty pleased with myself in that respect."

This passion also extends to working tirelessly with equine charities including HART and Horses Without Humans and organization which both helps and find homes for retired racehorses. Most people may not be aware that many horses are slaughtered every year. "Owners cannot afford them so they just give them to a kill pen. It's very sad, and it is very close to my heart, so I have become an ambassador for this cause." Irene recently rescued a five-year old horse from the racing world, brought it to a stable where they cared and trained him.  Eventually they found him a loving forever home . 

 In New York Irene dedicates time to other causes  such as the Alzheimer's Association Rita Hayworth Gala and Gabrielle's Foundation Angel Ball. She also supports Paws Chicago and Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. 

Lastly and most importantly, she has found true happiness in her personal life with her husband Arny Granat a legendary producer of concerts and Broadway shows, "He is my inspiration and true love." And she leaves us with one last thought, "There's no business like show business"

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