ANGELO DAVID PISACRETA: Changes Your Look and Maybe Even Your Outlook on Life

When you leave Angelo David Salon, you’ll walk out the door with confidence, whether you walked in with a full head of hair or not very much at all...
ANGELO DAVID PISACRETA:  Changes Your Look and Maybe Even Your Outlook on Life

When you leave Angelo David Salon, you'll walk out the door with confidence, whether you walked in with a full head of hair or not very much at all. That's because Angelo David Pisacreta, founder of his namesake Madison Avenue salon, is a hair hero to those with thinning hair or hair loss—no matter what the cause. 

Growing up in Yonkers, New York, Angelo was inspired by his Italian immigrant father's success as a barber and a toupee maker. His Uncle Joe was a barber and his cousins were hairdressers, too. So, after a few false career starts, Angelo decided to try his hand in the hair business. Turned out, he was a natural. 

"I went from attending a competitive school to working in a professional environment with people who were acknowledging me and my work," says Angelo. "I realized that a hair salon was where I was meant to be."

Angelo learned the ropes at a local Yonkers salon, moved to Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and quickly began making toupees and wigs. Then he decided he wanted to start his own business that catered primarily to women and their special hair needs. His father, who had originally hoped to open a salon in Brooklyn, decided to invest in Angelo's unique vision of a Manhattan specialty salon for those with fine and thinning hair. After all, notes Angelo, the shag might be in right now, but trends don't stick around like they used to—especially in New York City where you can see hundreds of different looks every day. 

"Almost half of all women have thinning hair, which is really distressing to them," adds Angelo. "Great hair is part of women's self-esteem, and by working with women to help solve fine and thinning hair problems, I was able to bring my artistry to the next level. 

"Once, I made a wig for a girl who was going through chemotherapy-related hair loss and I designed it to look exactly like the hair that she had before her treatments.  When I saw her reaction, it was very emotional. Changing looks and lives is the beauty of what we do here, whether we're taking things from the runway to reality or re-creating the hair that someone once had."

But adding simple hair extensions or creating a well-fitted wig wasn't enough for Angelo. Drawing on all his experience and insights, as well as his father's expertise in toupee and wig making, Angelo created Couture Hair, the first 100% human, highly customized hair that matches anyone's natural hair in terms of cut, color, texture and density—and enhances it. Couture Hair extensions, wigs, toppers, fillers, toppers, ponys and bangs meet every hair need—from the desire for more length to a believable toupee to a beautiful and comfortable medical wig. Each piece is customized to the client's needs, wants, desired look and lifestyle. 

Since creating Couture Hair, Angelo has been constantly evolving his salon and enhancing his offerings. The new Angelo David Salon is a modern, meticulously designed facility that offers a spa-like experience. It boasts 2,500 square feet with seven private VIP Hair Suites, a hair extension styling bar, a beauty concierge department, a beauty lounge and a Couture Hair boutique. The boutique offers both Couture and ready-to-wear hair, so that most clients can have the hair they want the same day they walk in the door. 

"We have industry veterans visit the salon and they are blown away by what we've created here," notes Angelo. "Hair pieces have become more prevalent than ever with so many salons incorporating them into their businesses, but you have to know how to do it right and go all in. Faux hair has now become part of our culture; it's no longer a taboo to talk about it."

The salon also offers Couture hair color, makeovers, nail services and bridal looks. While Angelo has styled countless celebrities, including Christie Brinkley and Alexa Ray Joel, also loves creating a look for someone's wedding day by helping her try a few—or 20—bridal looks for her big day. 

Of course, the focus on new services and products remains giving clients the full head of thick, healthy hair that they've always wanted. Angelo's own hair care line, VOL, includes a range of products to boost body, volume and fullness. Most recently, Angelo added The Flex Brush, which helps eliminate tangles, tugging and hair breakage—all while massaging the scalp, and Hair Detox hair revival supplements to support naturally healthy hair growth from the inside out.

Hair Detox contains Biotin and Hydrolyzed Keratin, as well as nutrients, essential vitamins, antioxidants and herbs that help support the detoxification pathways in order to create the ideal environment for healthy hair growth, strong nails and vibrant skin. Specifically, it contains a Detox Matrix Blend, which is made up of Green Tea Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder, Dandelion Root Powder, Cranberry Fruit Extract and additional nutrients and herbs that have been shown to combat hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies and environmental aggressors. It also contains a Stress Relief Matrix Blend comprising mixed Phytosterols, Ashwagandha Root Extract and Holy Basil Leaf Powder. And, it comes in specific formulas for men and women.

 "A lot of people are taking supplements and vitamins for their hair, skin and nails, but we took it to a higher level," comments Angelo. "We wanted to address the all reasons why men and women are having thinning hair issues, and we concluded that stress and inflammation of the body play substantial roles. If you want to prevent hair loss or just want to feel good, Hair Detox has everything that you need, and you'll  be putting ingredients into your body that are good for you. We'll also be introducing a shampoo, conditioner and topical-solution kit soon."

There's no question that Angelo is a happy, successful businessman, but he's an even happier family man. Angelo and his wife Robyn, who live with their 8-year-old son, Carmine Luke, on the Upper East Side, love city life, but during the summer, they de-stress at their home in the North Fork, Long Island. 

Some of Angelo's favorite things to do is keeping himself active with his sons sport, plus loves his 1975 classic car and on a beautiful sunny day, driving with the top down. His local favorite spot on the Upper East Side is Jac's, he frequents Benjamin's Steakhouse in midtown, Shoji is his favorite Japanese restaurant in the city and his favorite Italian restaurant is Marea at Central Park South.

Angelo's extended Italian family includes his sister, brother and hardworking parents, who live in their own Italian-style villa in Greenwich, Connecticut, where his father grows food that his mother cooks. Which just happens to be the next trend—feeding your head with locally sourced food, ideally grown in your own back yard. Healthy body, healthy hair. It's the next big thing. When you sit in Angelo's chair he can not only create a vision but he executes it as well. 

Groomer: Tania Guerra for Angelo David Salon

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