KC Scholars CEO Earl Martin Phalen Releases New Book

KC Scholars CEO Earl Martin Phalen Releases New Book

KC Scholars CEO Earl Martin Phalen Releases New Book

'Giving My All' Showcases Perseverance and Uplifting Motivation with Focus on Life and Times of Celebrated Change-Maker

Nationally recognized non-profit pioneer and visionary education leader Earl Martin Phalen is set to release his highly anticipated new book "Giving My All" in honor of his life dedicated to making a difference.

Looking ahead to a bright and prosperous future for students across America, Phalen's passionate body of work will be released online in February 2023. The hardcover edition of the book will be released in June 2023.

This book, released in time for Black History Month, celebrates Phalen's ambitious work as President and CEO of KC Scholars and Phalen Leadership Academies. Earl's educational expertise coupled with his passion and commitment to students. His championing of programs, like KC Scholars, is making systemic change in the community.

"I bring urgency to the adults that we serve and the children we serve because I know their lives can be fundamentally different if they're given the opportunity," Phalen reflects.

Earl Martin Phalen is one of K-12 education's most visionary leaders: a founder and CEO of multiple successful nonprofits, his mission is to deliver educational excellence and equity to low-income Black and brown children. Born into the Massachusetts foster care system, Earl was adopted into a large, loving Irish Catholic family at age two. His parents instilled the values that led him to a life of service. Growing up Earl was encouraged to see people as they were, not to pre-judge relationships and situations on the basis of color. Earl's education taught him the power of self-determination, and the love of his family and community sustained him as he struggled to become the leader, he once doubted he could be. Earl's exciting career is a testament to his mission's core message: all children deserve the support, the opportunity, and the self-belief they need to reach for their dreams without hesitation.

With his impressive and eclectic background, the entrepreneur has lived a book-worthy life that is reflected on the pages of the newly released materials. With a heartfelt meaning to motivate and uplift fellow educators as equally as students, Phalen takes readers on a journey through his storied life. Yet whether it was on the basketball court or in business, he encountered opportunities that required him to give his all despite some hardship in his predominantly white neighborhoods and settings.

While at Yale, Phalen gained a​​new sense of pride and purpose as he connected with his Black and African American heritage.  Phalen began his career in education while a law student at Harvard, where he founded Building Educated Leaders for Life (BELL), which operates after-school and summer education programs in several major U.S. cities. Under his leadership, the organization grew from a local community service project to a national non-profit educating 15,000 children annually and from an annual budget of $12,000 to $27.5M annually.

In the ensuing years, a significant number of notable accolades have been bestowed and positions held, which surface for impressive book chapters that include the 1997 President's Service Award from President Bill Clinton; Silver Anniversary Award from NCAA; Black Law Student Association Community Service Chair; Co-founder of the Charles Ogletree Scholarship Fund; Board Member of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation; Boston Uncornered Advisory Board Member; and Advisor for Coaching for Change,

On a mission to enhance the quality of life for KC Scholars and students worldwide, his prolific vision has redefined industry standards and revolutionized how we look at education. Inspired by his own commitment to positively impact the global landscape, his work in the last year with KC Scholars has helped make the organization one of the nation's most effective college scholarship and support programs. KC Scholars awards traditional college scholarships to high school juniors, adult learner scholarships to adults 18 years and older, and college savings match awards to high school freshmen. KC Scholars supports all its awardees throughout the process and during college. KC Scholars' newest program, Great Jobs KC, provides tuition assistance to approved job training programs in high-paying and high-demand industries such as construction, healthcare, information technology, and manufacturing. With the support of Great Jobs KC, adults 17 and older can learn the skills needed in one year or less to earn between $45,000-$85,000.

"The persistence rates this year that led to graduation were about seven times larger than most first-generation students," states Phalen. "The beautiful part is just the size of the scholarships, as well as the intensive support and the quality of the programming that allows students to really achieve their dream of graduating from college and getting a good job. I think that's one of the key differentiators."

KC Scholars is unique to America since most students in the program graduate debt free, and because of the intensive support provided to scholars. Most scholars graduate from college or third-party credentialing programs and enter good-paying careers. Students and adults who are low- and moderate-income and reside in our six local counties in the Kansas City Area (Kansas and Missouri) are eligible to apply. Over 90% of scholars persist annually, and 74% of KC Scholars-backed students are on track for on-time graduation. KC Scholars currently has more than 6,000 participating scholars, with over 2,000 scholarship recipients currently in college. KC Scholars CEO Earl Martin Phalen Releases New Book, exclusive coverage by Resident Team

For more information on "Giving My All" and KC Scholars, please visit https://kcscholars.org/

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