Creating Energy of Peace & Success at Home in 2023

Creating Energy of Peace & Success at Home in 2023

Creating Energy of Peace & Success at Home By Feng Shui Master Pun Yin

Photo by David C. Lee

The Chinese zodiac predicts the 2023 Year of the Hare will be erratic across the board, including in finance, climate, and politics. Rise above this by adopting Feng Shui principles in your mind and at home throughout the winter holiday season.

In published forecasts for the 2022 Year of the Tiger, I predicted the clash of three tigers — confrontations between three leading countries — resulting in financial market volatility. Those who took my advice ahead of that lunar cycle used Feng Shui to weather the financial storms, instill peace, and take command over personal and professional matters. Expect more turbulence in the year to come.

You can also weather the storms by taking your interior design one step further. Tap into Feng Shui Meridians using a custom application of natural elements, colors, textures, lights, and themes. There is no one size fits all approach. Feng shui harnesses yin and yang, the Five Elements energy you were born with, and the Chinese Zodiac luck cycle to capitalize on your core energy and strengths.

A proactive and protective Feng Shui Strategy will empower and help you overcome turmoil and uncertainty. For this reason, a growing population of high-net-worth individuals have been implementing Feng Shui at home to stimulate their energy base and achieve harmony. Here are some strategies for Creating Energy of Peace & Success at Home in 2023

  • Positive Energy.This holiday season, unify your family and support systems.  By harmonizing relationships that matter to you, you will have the confidence, motivation, focus and support to deal with the constantly fluctuating financial market in 2023. Cultivate positive energy that you can use next year.
  • Home.Resetting the energy of your family room, kitchen, and other spaces where people tend to gather or use the phone.  Place a Himalayan salt lamp in a corner to cleanse the energy of the space.  Many of my clients and I keep these lamps lit 24/7 in dark corners to provide warmth and consistent energy at home.
  • Virtual.Your appearance on a virtual screensignals your individual and professional composure or lack thereof. If you have a commanding presence, voice, or facial features, then use a neutral background and wardrobe to soften the delivery of your message. If you come across as meek, then adopt a warm or vibrant background and wardrobe to elevate your power. In either case, use your Five Elements Profile to set the energy and intentions you desire.
  • Power Objects.Display in your background objects that make you feel grounded, supported, calm, and focused.  For example, those with low energy, lacking in motivation or confidence, can display a statute or picture of a horse, the Chinese zodiac sign that represents the Fire Element to help stimulate the association of vitality and power. Use Yin Yang and the Five Elements qualities to create different energy vibes throughout your home and empower yourself.
  • Meridians.Identify the major meridians in a home and apply Five Elements Principle to balance the energy flow in the space and generate positive outcomes for its residents. For example, after my client tapped into the meridian as shown in the picture, its New York City acupuncture & herbal clinic has enjoyed greater success and significantly improved patients' lives.
  • Objects.Identify, gather, and centralize your medications and cherished possessions so they can be moved on short notice. This includes storing data elsewhere.  Protect valuable objects from potential water and fire damage or while in transit during an emergency.
  • Spending.Rather than pouring funds into divisive political organizations, invest in self, career, loved ones, and physical spaces.
  • Conserve.Keep significant cash flow in both your financial institutions and on hand for emergency use.
  • Good Deeds.By individually and collectively cultivating good deeds through philanthropic work, you will help others weather the turbulent 2023 cycle and elevate your positive aura.

In sum, use this winter season to recharge by cultivating warmth, stability, and good deeds that will carry you through the jumpy Year of the Hare ending on February 4, 2024.

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