Hamptons Home Makeover

DLT Interiors Transforms Hamptons Home into a Stunning Oasis
Hamptons Home Makeover

Renowned interior designer Debbie Travin of DLT Interiors successfully completed their Hamptons Home Makeover project installation within an impressive 4-day timeframe! This encompassed a comprehensive transformation, encompassing the entire interior design of the 10,000sq ft home. Our scope included the integration of all-new furniture and floor plan for each room. We installed 3 new stair runners and landing, tailored window treatments for 11 rooms, hung wallpaper, laid down 11 rugs, and implemented new lighting. There were fifteen new beds and mattresses complete with all new bedding and pillows.  Art curation and mirrors were hung. Lastly, finalizing each space with thoughtful accessories. This incredible achievement was made possible by the exceptional team at @dltinteriors! 

John Neitzel is a professional photographer specializing in shooting interiors
John Neitzel is a professional photographer specializing in shooting interiors

The client, residing in NYC, experienced sheer amazement during the 'big reveal' of their Hamptons Home Makeover. The design of their home matched their vision precisely, exceeding expectations even in the finest details. With this project now completed, they can relax and enjoy their transformed home throughout the summer and beyond!

About DLT Interiors:

Debbie Travin leads DLT Interiors, a design firm specializing in crafting elevated spaces that deepen life's connection through aesthetics. The firm uses serene color palettes, luxurious fabrics, statement lighting, distinctive natural materials to bring interiors to life. Debbie's artistry, keen attention to detail, and her proclivity to ensure spectacular service has led DLT to becoming the finest New York and Florida top interior designers.

At DLT Interiors, our design philosophy revolves around creating classic, timeless interiors with a modern twist. We believe that good design goes beyond following fleeting trends. Instead, our focus is on crafting approachable, inviting, and ultimately comfortable living spaces. Essentially, our design philosophy believes in making interiors beautiful and practical at the same time. We aim to create spaces that exude a sense of warmth, sophistication, and comfort while embracing a modern sensibility. By combining classic design principles with innovative ideas, we strive to deliver exceptional results that transcend passing trends and create lasting beauty.

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