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7 Tips For When Making More Space at Home is Impossible

7 Tips For When Making More Space at Home is Impossible

Let's face it, sometimes it feels like we're playing a never-ending game of Tetris with our stuff, trying to cram a little bit of extra space out of our already overflowing homes. It seems like no matter how much you organize, rearrange, or declutter, there's always a mountain of belongings that just can't find a home. When dealing with the challenge of limited space at home, implementing some Home Space Saving Ideas can make a world of difference.

If that sounds all too familiar, and you're starting to despair, you might be interested in the following tips for what to do when making more space at home is simply impossible. Discover how Home Space Saving Ideas can turn your cramped living space into a more organized and comfortable home.

1. The Magic of Multifunctional Furniture

Imagine a coffee table that transforms into a dining table or a sofa that doubles as a storage space. Yes, they exist! Multi-functional furniture is like the superhero of the small space world. They wear many hats, and can swiftly change roles depending on the time of day or your needs, so you can always make the most of your home and do exactly what you need to do no matter your space issues. Invest in furniture that does double duty and watch how much space you suddenly "find". Trust us, you will be amazed.

2. Bring Out Your Inner Marie Kondo

Before we dig deeper, have a critical look at your belongings. Sometimes, we hold onto things for sentimental reasons, or simply because we think we might need them "someday". Channel your inner Marie Kondo and sincerely ask yourself if the items bring joy or utility to your life. If not, it might be time to say thank you and goodbye. You will pleasantly surprise yourself by reclaiming much space when you let go of those things you no longer need or love.

3. Get Hooked on Hooks

It's time to look at your walls with a fresh perspective. Installing hooks, shelves, or racks can create an enormous amount of space you didn't know existed, and all for not very much effort or expense at all. From hanging pots and pans in the kitchen to using the back of your doors for coats and bags, the possibilities are endless!

4. Consider an Outbuilding

If you do not have the space you need in your home to create a gym or a home office or maybe a yoga studio – whatever floats your boat – then you do not have to resign yourself to going without that extra room, nor do you have to fork out for an expensive extension. Simply invest in a garden building such as a shed, summer house, or pod, and you can create a functional additional space for your home for much less than you might think possible.

5. Slide into Storage Units

If you do not have the garden space to install an outbuilding, or if doing so is beyond your budget then you might want to look at local storage units deals instead. Sometimes, we just have too many cherished belongings or seasonal items that we can't part with but also don't need on a daily basis. Storage units are a perfect solution for this, offering a safe haven for your items without cluttering your living space.

Of course, many people use their storage units as home gyms or crafting studios too, so if you need more space, not for your stuff, but for your hobbies and interests, they are still a viable option for you.

6. Let's Get Vertical

When floor space is at a premium, it's time to think vertically. "Tall bookshelves, hanging planters, and wall-mounted cabinets can all provide extra storage without consuming precious square footage, which you could use for activities like exercise, playing with the dog, or building a LEGO fortress with the kids, for example. So, reach for the sky (or the ceiling) and create new nooks and crannies up high.

7. Under the Bed isn't Just for Monsters

Remember when we were kids and believed monsters lived under our beds? Well, it turns out, that space is actually ideal for storing stuff (and not a monster in sight!) Slide in some low-profile storage boxes to store things like off-season clothing or spare linens, and reclaim that lost territory! "When you do it, you'll be surprised at just how much more stuff you can squeeze in.

As you can see no matter why you need more space or what you plan to use it for, there are a number of, mostly simple things, you can do to increase the amount of room you have to work with. So, what are you waiting for?

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