Eight Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Eight Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Whether you're staying in student accommodation or have recently bought your first home, it's important that you're able to make the most of the space you have available to you. However, this can feel near impossible if your property is on the smaller side, especially when it comes to decorating your bedroom. With that in mind, here are six space saving solutions to make a small bedroom feel much bigger than it actually is.

1. Paint the walls white. 

When it comes to designing your perfect bedroom, you likely already have a vision in mind of how you'd like your room to look. For example, you may plan on introducing a wide range of bright colors into your bedroom to create a space that is bright, bold, and inviting. However, in some cases, opting for a more neutral color scheme, such as painting the walls white, can make your bedroom look more spacious. This is because white shades reflect light as opposed to absorbing it, creating the illusion of space, even in the smallest of rooms. 

If you are worried about the upkeep of white walls, you may achieve similar effects with other pale or pastel colors. Furthermore, it's important to remember that while you've opted for a simple color on the walls, this does not mean that your room has to be completely devoid of color – as you can introduce this in different ways. For example, brightly colored throws, pillows, and blankets can be employed to make your room cosy and inviting.

2. Let the light in. 

Embracing natural light can also make your room appear much bigger than it actually is, especially if you've followed the above advice and painted your walls white. For example, you may want to replace your curtains with blinds, as they will block out less light when open during the day, meaning that you can bathe your room in natural light quite easily. If your room does not get too much natural light, you may want to consider purchasing lights that mimic natural light to achieve the same effect! 

Replacing your old windows could also help when it comes to bringing more natural light into the space. For example, you could choose windows that are slightly different in shape or design from the previous model so that you're able to use natural light to your advantage. Furthermore, over time, windows can become discolored, which within itself can block out some light – an issue that can also be resolved by replacing your windows when necessary. While this may come at a cost, it's important to note that window replacements add significant value to your home and can also increase your property's energy efficiency.

3. Invest in a storage unit. 

Sometimes, the reason why your bedroom feels cramped and crowded is because you've simply got too many things stored in one place. However, this can easily be remedied by looking into the best storage units in your area. This way, you can store anything you don't need right away in the storage unit, freeing up valuable space within your bedroom. 

For example, if your wardrobe is overflowing with clothes, you can store your winter jumpers and coats away during the summer, and vice versa. Alternatively, if you're the kind of person that likes to redesign their room constantly, you could use your storage unit to store any items of furniture that aren't currently in use! 

While this does come with an additional expense, the benefits of having an organized, clutter-free room that you actually enjoy spending time in far outweigh the cost of hiring a unit. Furthermore, when working with a local provider over a long period of time, you're able to gain access to the best deals and prices for your unit. Remember, you can also store items from other rooms here when they are not in use either.

4. Declutter your room.

According to a recent study, one in four adults admit to having a "clutter" problem in their home. While a little bit of clutter here and there may seem unavoidable, removing it from your bedroom will automatically make the space appear much more spacious. This is because the absence of clutter will create more unoccupied space, which naturally makes the bedroom feel a little bigger. However, there are many other benefits associated with decluttering! For example, studies have shown that clutter can impact our stress and anxiety levels, meaning removing it from your room can improve your mental health! 

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can declutter your room. For example, it may be that you simply need to be more mindful of putting things away after you've used them instead of leaving them on the side. However, you should also go through your room and think carefully about what you may no longer need or use. Instead of leaving these items to gather dust or take up space – take them to your local charity store or sell them online!

5. Focus on minimalism. 

Opting for a minimalistic theme or design within your bedroom can also come in handy when making the space appear bigger. Once again, this comes down to the fact that it leaves some empty space within the room. Minimalism is also great for those who are working with a tight budget when redesigning their bedroom, as it encourages you to keep things simple. Furthermore, it could also make cleaning your room much easier, as there are fewer things to clean! 

When opting for a minimalistic design, try to choose one piece of furniture or decor that will become the room's statement piece. In bedrooms, this tends to be the bed itself, but it could also be an eye-catching lighting fixture or dressing table – the choice is yours. You should then choose simple items that complement the focal piece, ensuring that everything is both practical and aesthetic. To keep things as simple as possible, everything in the room should serve a clear purpose.

6. Get clever with in-room storage. 

While, as mentioned above, investing in a storage unit is a great way to declutter your small bedroom, it is also important that you invest in in-room storage too. For example, you may want to consider purchasing furniture that doubles as storage space. This could include a bed with in-built drawers in the base or an ottoman or chair with storage space underneath the seat. The more of these items you can feature within your room, the better, as it means you're less likely to leave things lying around. 

However, you may also want to make effective use of your wall space by installing some simple shelving units in your bedroom. Fortunately, this is a task that you should be able to carry out yourself by simply putting your DIY skills to the test! As such, it's a great budget-friendly way to improve your home decor.

7. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall!

Hanging a mirror on the wall is not only useful when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit, but it can also make your bedroom appear bigger and brighter. As such, hanging a few different mirrors throughout the space can transform your bedroom for the better. This is because "the reflective properties of a mirror reflect light around and mirrors the room. The light it bounces gives the same effect and tricks the eye to make the room seem bigger."

In order for this tactic to work in your favor, however, you need to be strategic about where you place the mirrors. For example, they will likely work best in places where the natural light hits, such as on the opposite wall to the window. 

8. Maintaining a Tidy Space with a Professional Cleaning Service

In the quest to make a small bedroom feel bigger, one often underestimated factor is the importance of keeping the room clean and clutter-free. A tidy space inherently feels more spacious and inviting. Regular cleaning not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom but also contributes to a healthier living environment. For those with busy schedules or who find cleaning daunting, employing a professional cleaning service can be a game-changer. These services take the hassle out of maintaining cleanliness, ensuring that every nook and cranny of your room is dust-free, organized, and visually appealing. By delegating this task, you can focus on enjoying a serene, spacious-feeling bedroom without the added stress of regular upkeep.

Final Thoughts.

If you feel as though your bedroom is too small – you aren't alone. In fact, 43% of Americans admit to wanting a home that is much bigger than their current property. While you may be tempted to move house as a result of this, such drastic measures are not always possible, especially during the current climate. Furthermore, it may be that your budget does not currently allow you to cover the costs of a bigger home! 

However, there are many ways in which you can create the illusion of space in your bedroom and other rooms in the house. As outlined above, in order to make our bedroom appear as big as possible, you should: 

  1. Paint the walls white or a similar, neutral shade.

  2. Use natural light to your advantage.

  3. Free up space by investing in a storage unit.

  4. Declutter your bedroom.

  5. Focus on a minimalistic design or aesthetic. 

  6. Use in-room storage options to your advantage. 

  7. Hang mirrors on the walls. 

By following the above steps, it should be easier than ever to make the most of the space you have available to you. As such, you may find that you get a lot more enjoyment out of your bedroom and that you are able to spend time there comfortably without feeling as though your room is overcrowded or messy!

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