Resident Staff Picks

Resident Staff Picks

Here's where, on the great island of Manhattan, you'll find members

of the Resident team enjoying life in their city.

Hamilton on Broadway—it's the best Broadway show.
– Michael Travin, Publisher

The Highline. It's a beautiful park that relaxes you when you stroll down along the Manhattan sites and gardens.
– Scott Pauker, Senior Sales Manager

"My favorite spot would have to be Washington Square Park. You see such a variety of people there. Sometimes there's a guy playing the piano—a full-sized piano, who knows how he wheeled it in there?—to a listening crowd; sometimes there are saxophone improvisers, sometimes it's a singer with guitar and harmonica, kind of quiet, almost performing to himself. Plus, I love the Vietnamese place on MacDougal—Saigon Shack (best pho, and the papaya salad with grilled pork chop is also really good)—and the gelato place nearby—Grom. And, of course, the Comedy Cellar is right there on MacDougal. Everything you need all in one place."
– Olia Golovkina, Associate Editor

The NEW Whitney Museum. Known for their focus on works by living artists, the new building allows space to truly show off their exhibitions and extensive collection of modern and contemporary American art. Outside of that it's a highly charged area to spend a NYC day!

– Tom Fahey, Director of Business

Spot Dessert Bar on St. Marks. For those with a big sweet tooth, this place is for you! Spot Dessert Bar serves delicious treats with style. My favorite is their Golden French Toast.
– Enri John (E.J.) Angeles, Art Director

One of my favorite places in NYC is Eataly near Madison Square Park. I could spend hours there! I love to explore and walk around the open market, which always smells amazing, and then I head upstairs to La Birreria for a glass of Italian wine and some cheese. (But good luck navigating around the tourists on weekends!).
– Sophia Yoo, Social Media & Marketing Associate

Bryant Park. In the summer you can lay out and on Monday evenings it's the summer series movie night. In the winter the ice skating is great, and not terribly crowded. During the holidays the tents are up with shops for gifts, and there are food stands and an outside bar with heaters, hot chocolate, wine. You can go with a significant other, or hang there with a drink while your kids are skating.
– Melissa Kassis, Vice President of Marketing

Tony's Di Napoli on the Upper East Side. It's just a great, family-style restaurant. And La Boutique Resale has fabulous finds for pre-owned designer clothes and pocketbooks.
– Helaine Nova, Medical & Beauty Marketing Specialist

Brandy's Piano Bar. Every time I go in here—and it's always on a whim—I'm reminded how much I love it. The bartenders and servers double as the entertainment, and they're as talented as anyone on Broadway. It's always such a jovial, spirited atmosphere, and is definitely a hidden gem.
– Pamela Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief

I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art, especially on Saturday evenings. I feel like I am in Europe when I'm there.
– Lisa Bernstein, Senior Vice President

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