People and Their Pets: LiLi Bear: the Four-Legged “PRINCESS OF THE MANOR”

People and Their Pets: LiLi Bear: the Four-Legged “PRINCESS OF THE MANOR”

In this month's column, it's my pleasure to introduce my friend Pat Redin and her Chow Chow, LiLi. Pat, her husband Eric, and LiLi live in Montauk Manor, a condominium/hotel in Montauk, where LiLi rules the roost.

In the early years of their marriage, Pat and Eric lived in Gramercy Park, both of them working at Madison Avenue advertising agencies. After several years, they moved to Long Island and had two children, son Connor and daughter Maris.

In 2005, after 18 successful years as Senior Vice President of Sales for a marketing company, Pat launched R2MP Ltd., with the mission of providing marketing and production services to a broad range of clients, from Montauk to Manhattan and beyond, their primary focus being on program management and identifying project cost-savings for a major communications company.

The dramatic shift from being mostly on the road as a salesperson to working remotely allowed Pat to adopt Yogi Bear, a male Chow mix from a rescue organization. The experience with Yogi was so rewarding that, in the span of 13 years, Gigi, LiLi, and finally Teddy (all Chow rescues) joined the Redin pack. LiLi, at 14 months, was the puppy of the group, yet quickly assumed the Alpha role.

Now, at eight years old, LiLi is Pat's only pup, as well as her full-time office mate. They like to spend time together in the Manor's majestic lobby, relax on the patio, and lounge by the pool while Pat works on her laptop. LiLi has become a bit of a local celebrity, and is quite the conversation starter. "She looks like a lion," people often say. And of course, the usual, "Does she shed?" Yes, she does! All year long, in fact—but frequent brushings keep her beautiful.

When the work day wraps up, Pat and LiLi like to head out to the Manor's western lawn, where Pat takes photos of the often magnificent sunsets over Fort Pond Ray, while LiLi chases birds and bunnies off the grounds, and takes long walks on the ocean beaches (although she prefers not to get her paws wet).

As they drive around the Hamptons, LiLi warns of pedestrians in the crosswalks and deer up ahead. She enjoys accompanying Pat on errands (including picking up gifts and prizes for "Play for Pink" for the past several years) and especially loves outdoor events. Pat is on the benefit committee of "Play for Pink," and every Spring LiLi goes with her to Hampton Hills Golf & Country Club, where The Play For Pink Breast Cancer Golf Tournament—which benefits The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, founded by Evelyn Lauder in 1993—will be held on June 16, 2016 for the 17th consecutive year. It's the largest ladies golf tournament in the Hamptons, and of course LiLi and Lulu will be there, to meet and greet.

Success in marketing depends in great part on being noticed and being remarkable. LiLi does a splendid job of supporting that role—and sometimes starring in it. She regularly appears on Pat's social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram (Patricia Stein Redin). Just one look at that face and you'll see why she's the beloved Montauk princess.

Pat & LiLi can be reached at
(631) 940-5700
or via e-mail:

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