Books: The Reform Artists

Books: The Reform Artists

How many men have gone into court fighting a divorce action or seeking custody of their children only to find out that the legal system is stacked against them? For many years courts were prone to award virtually everything to the wife, or so it seemed. Men felt they had little chance in Family Court unless they could either destroy the wife's reputation or have some clandestine organization on their side.

In "The Reformists," author Jon Reisfeld, creates an organization many men wished they had on their side, The Reformists.

When Martin Silkwood is blindsided by a sudden filing of divorce by his wife, he finds himself at wit's end. He stands to lose his children and everything he's worked for. What can he do?

His estranged wife has brought charges of domestic violence against him in an effort to obtain full custody of their two children. Not only is his personal life facing a crisis point, his career as a successful CPA is on the line as well.

He's woken by two deputy sheriffs at his front door and informed that he has fifteen minutes to gather some belongings and vacate his home as a result of the domestic violence charges. No opportunity to explain…just get out.

As his life spirals downward, he is approached by a shadowy group offering help. Where they came from and how they have managed to track his movements are a mystery to him; but they have kept close tabs on Marty Silkwood.

Now "The Reform Artists" offer help in winning his case. He can't ask questions and he does not know how they will do it. He's given a short window to accept their offer or they will simply disappear.

Watching his life crumble, Silkwood is torn between accepting their help or going it alone with a lawyer he does not have full confidence in.

Reisfeld has crafted a book that draws the reader into Silkwood's life and the terror he faces as he is about to lose everything. He faces a fork in the road and the decision to either go it alone or put his life in the hands of a group he knows nothing about has him torn. The intrigue Jon Reisfeld describes could easily have been in a thriller by Tom Clancy. The pace moves, rarely slowing down and keeps the reader guessing about what comes next.

The Reform Artists," is published by Hot Gates Press, is available in book stores and on

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