Theater/Dining Combo

Theater/Dining Combo

Theater/Dining Combo

Tevye packed up all his belongings at the end of Fiddler on the Roof and headed to New York. Now we know where he landed. The Rock Center Café has teamed up with the revival of the iconic play to offer a Fiddler Feast for theater-goers.

This is the third incarnation of the play to hit the boards in New York. The first was fabulous, the second, so-so. This production mirrors the original. To celebrate the Café is offering a very moderately priced ($39) three-course meal prior to enjoying the show.

Dishes will take diners to the little Russian village of Anatevka and the food that would have been enjoyed by Jewish peasants at the turn of the last century. OK, so the food will be a bit more upscale and there won't be black bread covered in chicken fat. But there will be matzo ball soup with pulled chicken, potato latkes (potato pancakes), salmon roe, apple sauce, sour cream, roasted beet salad, herbed tabbouleh, za'atar spiced roast chicken, pierogis (if you don't know what these are, just ask any passing Jew or Pole), beef brisket (no Jewish holiday is complete without this), schmaltz (if you don't know what this is, try it, you'll like it) potatoes and dessert of chocolate babka and honey cake.

All of this is just like bubbe (Nonni, if you are Italian or Mórai if you happen to be related to the Auld Sod) used to make. Granted, those other dishes would have a different flavor, but A Bronx Tale will be making its Broadway debut soon and you can slip the Italian dishes in exchange for Bubbe's. The Irish w ill have to wait.

The Rock Center Café is only a few minutes walk from the Broadway Theater and dinner is timed to the show's curtain.

You don't have to be "A Rich Man," or use a "Matchmaker" to enjoy this "Tradition." Enjoy!

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