Mikhail Ignatiev, BSI Lifestyle: “We can arrange moving to Dubai within as little as two or three weeks”

Mikhail Ignatiev, BSI Lifestyle: “We can arrange moving to Dubai within as little as two or three weeks”

Moving to Dubai within as little as two or three weeks: Mikhail Ignatiev. Interview with the founder of BSI Lifestyle Members Club Mikhail Ignatiev. 

1. BSI Lifestyle is called a concierge club, not a concierge company. Can you explain the difference, please?

We are a lifestyle management company that provides its members with a wide range of services. But unlike other companies, our aim is not to extend but to provide high-quality, personalised services. Therefore, we have limited the number of participants by a maximum of two hundred and work closely with each of them to understand their needs and preferences. We assign a dedicated lifestyle manager to each member who will be their point of contact for all their needs. I believe that as soon as you increase the number of customers, the quality of service drops. About five years ago, when we had just started, all our members knew each other. Now we hold an annual event in Dubai for our members, so most of them can still meet.

2. What kind of requests BSI Lifestyle usually deal with?

We primarily deal with requests related to luxury lifestyle management. This includes managing and coordinating various aspects of a client's life, such as luxury travel arrangements, event planning, home management, and personal shopping. We also assist clients in finding and purchasing luxury properties, yachts, and private jets. Our services are tailored to high-net-worth individuals and businesses that value personalised and discreet service.

3. If a client wants to move to Dubai, at what point should they come to BSI Lifestyle for help?

Ideally, as early as possible, as there are several factors to consider, such as visa requirements, finding accommodation, and identifying suitable schools for children. However, we understand that sometimes clients may have more immediate needs, and we are always happy to help. BSI Lifestyle can arrange moving to Dubai within as little as two or three weeks, and this will include visa services.

4. What are the visa requirements for moving to Dubai, and how do you help with them?

There are several ways to obtain a resident visa in Dubai, including making an investment of two million dirhams or buying property worth more than two million dirhams. For wealthy people, we recommend the golden visa, which is given for ten years and costs approximately $15,000 in addition to investment or purchasing property. We also offer assistance in obtaining a work visa or an investor visa, depending on the client's situation. We help our members with the necessary paperwork and requirements and ensure that they have all the documents needed. We also provide support to our members after they obtain their visas to help them with everyday things such as opening a bank account, and more.

According to VisaGuide.World: To get an Investor Visa in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, you must invest at least AED 10 million in the public sector in UAE or invest at least AED 5 million in a property.

To learn more: bsilifestyle.co.uk

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