Dr. Barry Weintraub Brings Award-Winning Services to Local and International Patients

Dr. Barry Weintraub Brings Award-Winning Services to Local and International Patients

The prominent medical professional holds the coveted title of "One of America's Best Plastic Surgeons 2023" from Newsweek. Dr. Barry Weintraub, a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing at the heart of New York on Fifth Avenue and 61st Street, has recently been named one of "America's Best Plastic Surgeons in 2023" for facelift surgery by Newsweek. Top professionals in the field have recognized Dr. Weintraub by voting for him in this prestigious publication, which recently released its annual list of the Best Plastic Surgeons for 2023. 

Honored Recognition

"I am truly honored to be recognized by Newsweek as one of the best plastic surgeons for 2023," said Dr. Weintraub. "I am dedicated to providing my patients with the highest quality of medical and plastic-surgical care, as well as delivering the most sophisticated, age-appropriate results, always with a keen eye toward natural attractiveness."

Personalized Aesthetics

Dr. Barry Weintraub shares this philosophy with his entire staff, who provide an atmosphere of respect and compassion. Every patient admitted to his surgical facility experiences not just a personalized interaction, but also a personalized plan for their overall aesthetic – whether it be a surgical plan encompassing facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), rhinoplasty, and/or revisionary surgery, or a noninvasive plan involving skincare and injectable, lasers, microneedling, or any number of noninvasive approaches. 

Experienced & Board-Certified

Dr. Barry Weintraub, American Board of Plastic Surgery-certified, boasts 30+ years' experience, celebrated for exceptionally natural-looking results. "You should never be able to tell that someone had surgery. Less is always more!" says Dr. Barry Weintraub. "I have made it my mission to give patients the most understated and natural results while avoiding the telltale signs of surgery." 

Precision Techniques

He conceals facelift incisions inside the ear tragus, ensuring invisibility, and employs fine suture material for rhinoplasty, whether 'closed' or 'open. Painstakingly, he sews all incisions under loupe magnification for the thinnest incisions possible. 

"There are many different modalities to correct skin laxity, jowl formation, deep nasolabial folds, turkey-gobble necks, eye bags, plunging nasal tips, and bumps on noses. It's always my pleasure to help educate patients as to what meets their needs and fits their lifestyles."

Excellence Recognized: Dr. Barry Weintraub's Accolades

Castle Connolly often lauds Dr. Weintraub, recognizing him as 'Best Plastic Surgeon in America' and 'Best Doctor in New York. These ideals emphasized the almost religious reverence for patient care and compassion during that time.

Dr. Weintraub emphasizes respect and sees surgery as a sacred privilege—a belief held throughout his medical career. Each patient is a person possessing real-life issues and concerns.  

"Surgery is not a horse race," he states, "and taking time is essential to patient safety, as well as ensuring an outstanding, understated and natural-looking result."

For more information, please visit www.drbarryweintraub.com

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