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Discover the Full Digital Issue of Miami Summer 2024 Resident Magazine

Explore Miami's Vibrant Spirit in Resident Magazine's Summer 2024 Issue
Miami Summer 2024 Resident Magazine
Miami Summer 2024 Resident Magazine

Welcome to Resident Magazine's Summer 2024 issue. As the season brings warmth and renewal, we are excited to present a collection of stories that reflect the vibrant spirit of Miami and beyond.

Our cover story delves into Leila's transition from finance to wellness, driven by personal health challenges and a commitment to creating a nurturing educational environment. Her story is a testament to the power of resilience and innovation in adversity.

Adding to our feature on Leila, we are thrilled to bring you an exclusive interview with Tomer Capone, the Israeli actor who has captivated international audiences with his roles in "Fauda" and "The Boys." His journey from a small town in Israel to Hollywood stardom is both fascinating and motivational, and you can only read it here.

This issue wouldn’t be complete without our curated selection of real estate, dining, travel, and fashion features. From the culinary delights of Catch Miami Beach to the serene escape of Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, we invite you to indulge in and savor the finest experiences that Miami has to offer.

As we continue celebrating the best in luxury and lifestyle, we hope this issue inspires you to embrace the beauty and innovation that define our vibrant community.

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