There is no better way to learn and grow as a person than to travel and experience life first-hand. Sure you can read about the architecture of...

There is no better way to learn and grow as a person than to travel and experience life first-hand. Sure you can read about the architecture of St Peters Basilica or the artwork in the Sistine Chapel on Wikipedia, but wouldn't it be better if you were standing under the magnificent work of Michelangelo to experience the true magnitude of a masterpiece, rather than stare at a computer screen. Wanderlust travelers can sit back and relax, as Romasi has you covered for all your wayfaring needs, with the added bonus of a luxury touch.

Go above and beyond the ideal behind 'tourism' with this revolutionary new way to travel and experience other countries like a local; bridging the gap between visitor and local. From the moment you take those first steps toward the airport, Romasi is behind the scenes, getting everything organized for your arrival, along with your transportation to your destination and everything in between. The VIP meet and greet service is a convenient advantage, because we all know travelling is exhausting, especially with the long haul flights, but with this service, you are guaranteed to have an easy ride to your destination. Parents can have peace of mind when sending their beloved teenagers abroad using Romas's VIP Meet & Greet services that will greet them upon arrival in airport customs and seamlessly whisk them to their destination.

Known as "travel designers" Romasi allows you to design your very own travel experience with expert guides and private transfers to make your expedition a breeze. Romasi offers private tours of some of the most popular attractions in the world, such as the Colosseum, Villa Medici and the Vatican Museums. Skip the lines and leave the crowds behind to feel like a local, while taking in the charming history of these magnificent places. Learn to cook in the delicate city of Tuscany and visit places tourists usually aren't allowed access to. The staff at Romasi are well connected to your destination and can offer a once in a lifetime opportunity, with exclusive access to private areas.

Remember that touch of luxury I mentioned earlier, well here it is. Never worry about flagging down a taxi ever again with the luxury car service available to guide you around the city of your choice. Your driver is equipped with the knowledge of your city and will guide you through explaining to you the ins and outs and the past and present of this majestical place who will teach you more than you ever could glean from a textbook.

Travelling can be frustrating, exhausting and challenging, especially if you have never visited the country before, and Romasi understands these challenges and are there to accommodate their customer's tailored needs no matter how big or small. After all, globe-trotting is all about seeing as much as you can and experiencing everything this wonderful world has to offer and what better way to learn about a new culture than through a local's eyes.

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