The Grant Cardone Foundation Engages With Over 350,000 Youth Globally Through Scholarships, Entrepreneur Funding, Mentoring and Guidance

The Grant Cardone Foundation Engages With Over 350,000 Youth Globally Through Scholarships, Entrepreneur Funding, Mentoring and Guidance

The Grant Cardone Foundation has broken barriers of success once again within its non-profit organization, The Grant Cardone which confirms engaging with over 350,000 youth globally with their generous and ongoing fundraising and mentoring in multiple ways as follows: 10X Hub (South Africa), Mentoring Workshops; Entrepreneurial Program; FIU Scholarship Program; "10X Kid of the Year"  Scholarship and the Grant Cardone internship.

"Through the Grant Cardone Foundation, I am proud to continue providing opportunities to help enhance our youth's future of tomorrow by giving them a wide range of assistance from mentoring and guidance to scholarships plus tools for career advancement," says Grant Cardone, Founder of The Grant Cardone Foundation. 

"The Grant Cardone Foundation has provided an alternate route and options for financial inclusion other than through criminal activity." — Ed Haynes, Founder of Circle of Commerce and Former Police Officer and member of the Circle of Brotherhood & Hunger 9. The Circle of Brotherhood is an organization of primarily Black men from all walks of life dedicated to community service, economic development, crime prevention, conflict resolution and mediation, educational services, and youth mentorship. 

"10X Hub has given us the opportunity In South Africa to help pave the way in fighting poverty and building futures all because of The Grant Cardone Foundation." – Ivan Swartz, CEO/Founder of Labit, a business incubator program in South Africa.

10X HUB 

A globally known program in South Africa, the global initiative that provides financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and mentorship programs to help level the playing field and fight poverty at its core and to create a lasting LEGACY (Leading, Entrepreneurial, Growth, and Commitment to Youth education) for generations to come in these communities. It's an entrepreneurial development center, a collaborative space, and a 10X mentorship hub. This is a place to give everyone, no matter their economic circumstance, the opportunity to create success and to 10X their life. South Africa has the largest concentration of fatherless adolescents in the world at 62% and one of the highest unemployment rates globally, making it an important area for the foundation to kick off its first location. *The Grant Cardone Foundation has partnered with Labit on the 10X HUB in South Africa.

Why South Africa? 

South Africa has the highest population in the world of children growing up without a father – and that absence of a father figure has proven to have a direct effect on economic welfare, production, the erosion of human capital, social exclusion, crime, and social instability. Stats/Demographics in South Africa – 34% of the population is unemployed; 67% of the population under the age of 35 is unemployed;  55% live below the poverty line; 40% never finish grade 12; 62% of children are fatherless; 16% of youth belong to a gang. 

Success Statistics From The Hub: The Hub has impacted over 350,000 lives through digital training; provides annually 840 entrepreneurs in-person mentoring and guidance; 75 of these entrepreneurs the opportunity pitch their business ideas; Choose 15 promising entrepreneurs for rigorous 6-12 month business development, in which they will each receive a sizable investment in their business.


U.S. program, based on Grant Cardone's runaway best-seller, The 10X Rule, and his #1 business education platform, Cardone University, includes an e-Learning platform and book to teach kids financial literacy and how to have a 10X mindset. The 10X Kids University e-learning program, led by an animated Grant Cardone is ready to teach your kids how to unleash their minds and take massive action to get anywhere they want to go in life. Created exclusively for a 12 to 17-year-old age range, 10X Kids University is a fun and engaging e-platform filled with stories and exercises that are relatable and fun. With the support of sponsors and donors, such as yourself, we'll be able to get this program into the hands of schools and youth centers across the US. As an additional resource, a Teacher's Guide accompanies the program that educators will receive to help guide their students through the curriculum. To complement the 10X Kids University program there is also the 10X Kids Book. The book focuses on the same principles and concepts as the e-learning courses but in a paperback book format.


The Grant Cardone Foundation is on a mission to 10X the next generation of business leaders. To continue our commitment to providing educational opportunities for the youth in our community, we have started the First Generation Scholarship, to provide financial aid for students currently residing in the state of Florida who are first-generation college students in their families pursuing a degree at Florida International Universities' College of Business. The First Generation Scholarship will cover a full ride for two students every year, up to $7,500 per year, with a renewal option for up to four additional years, for a total of $30,000 to the recipient. The scholarship recipients will receive mentorship support and gain access to a multitude of powerful business resources and learning material through Cardone's world-renowned training enterprise, Cardone Training Technologies, Inc.


The Grant Cardone Foundation hosts multiple Mentoring Workshops for over 1000  at-risk youth in the South Florida Community including 5000 Role Models; Big Brothers Big Sisters; Take Stock in Children and PACE Center for Girls  The Mentor Workshops led by the Cardone Training Technologies (CTTI) executive team, who adapt the curriculum of the 10X Kids Program into their teachings. Welcomed these students into the 10X Headquarters and helping them excel in professional topics such as goal setting, entrepreneurship, and investing in yourself.


The Grant Cardone Foundation is honored to select Ms. Magdalena Gonzalez as the Foundation's inaugural 10X Kid of the Year. This was accomplished through a great partnership with the non-profit organization, Take Stock In Children PBC. Through this partnership, Ms. Gonzalez completed The Grant Cardone Foundation's 10X Kids University curriculum and reinforced her goals through the teachings of the program.


The Grant Cardone Foundation wants to support entrepreneurship in youth globally. The 10X Entrepreneurship Program is a dollar-matching program, in which young entrepreneurs who are active members or alumni of any of the Grant Cardone Foundation community partner organizations can apply to receive direct funding from the Grant Cardone Foundation for their business ventures. Entrepreneurs who are interested in enrolling in this program must complete the following: A completed business plan proposal; a presentation "pitch deck" of their business plan and a completed 10X Entrepreneurship Program application. Qualified applicants will receive a 10:1 dollar match ($5,000 maximum) from the Grant Cardone Foundation. This grant is solely to support entrepreneurial endeavors, and cannot be used outside of business development expenses. All spending for this grant must be approved by a selected supervisor in order to be used.


The Grant Cardone Foundation seeks motivated and professional high school or college students in South Florida to intern at Cardone Enterprises. This internship is an incredible opportunity for students to gain professional-level skills in various departments of Cardone Training Technologies, Inc., a world leader in business development training.


The Grant Cardone Foundation is a national non-profit organization invested in helping youth in our communities reach their fullest potential. Entrepreneur and best-selling author, Grant Cardone, created the foundation as a result of experiencing the traumatic loss of his father when he was only ten years old. Growing up without a father figure in his life affected him emotionally, socially, and academically and so he has made it his mission to help young adults, who may need life and career guidance just as he once did. The foundation partners with community organizations, municipal agencies, corporations, and other non-profit entities to help deliver energy and educational resources to kids in need. Our mission is to provide mentoring and financial literacy education to adolescents in underserved and at-risk populations, especially those without a father figure. For more information or to donate to The Grant Cardone Foundation, please visit The Grant Cardone

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