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Hollywood’s Biggest Stars Attend Pooph’s Critics’ Choice Lounge & Experience The ROOT Brands

Stars including Angela Bassett, Brian Cox & Mira Sorvino sipped Rahm Roast coffee at Pooph’s luxury lounge by LA Smile & GBK Brand Bar at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.
Angela Bassett
Angela BassettAlexander Headley

This Awards season, the excitement began at the famous rose garden at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel where POOPH’s Critics' Choice Luxury Lounge, presented by LA Smiles Dentistry and GBK Brand Bar, hosted the best and brightest in Film & Television, including nominees, winners, and presenters of not just the Critics’ Choice Awards, but also the Golden Globe Awards, The Emmy® Awards, and OSCARS.

Adina Porter
Adina PorterAlexander Headley

This year’s lounge included over $50,000 of the hottest gifts, trips, and luxury items. Some of the attending guests included Oscar winners, Angela Bassett & Mira Sorvino as well as Emmy & Critics' Choice winners, nominees, and presenters such as Brian Cox from award winning show Succession, Chris MacDonald, Karen Pittman from Morning Show, Scott Evans from the award-winning film, 'Barbie', Liza Colon Zayas from 'The Bear', Akbar Gbajabiamila, Bridget Everett, Carl Anthony Payne, and other award nominated shows including the cast members of the nominated series 'Jury Duty', Cast members from 'Ted Lasso', William Stanford Davis and Chris Perfetti from 'Abbott Elementary', Josh Whitehouse and Ayesha Harris from 'Daisy Jones & The Six', and Hector Elizondo & Jason Grey-Stanford from 'Monk’s Last Case'. Some of the other stars in attendance included Luenell Campbell, Deon Cole, Nika King, Armin Amiri, Sofia Sanchez, Shari Belafonte, Neil Ellice, Abby Ryder, Calah Lane, Michael Irby, Leesa Rowland and many, many more.

Alan Barinholtz with Patrick Moen
Alan Barinholtz with Patrick MoenAlexander Headley

The scene was buzzing with celebrities catching up with friends, cuddling puppies, and enjoying music from DJ Adam of ADM Entertainment on the roof. Those present has the opportunity to experience a variety of exciting ROOT Brands products including;

Zero IN – a tailored, patent pending proprietary blend of ingredients which work to reduce brain fog and sharpen mental clarity

Rahm Roast Coffee – a Medium Roast, Balanced Coffee from Guatemala which is All-Natural, Mold Free, Low Acidity and Xoted

ReLive Greens - Relive Greens is a ketosis creating powerhouse proprietary blend that supports the body’s natural ability to cleanse and rejuvenate while boosting your metabolism.

Give Me Back My Youth - collagen/ colostrum – a proprietary blend of collagen & colostrum to reverse the aging processes by strengthening the skin, lung, and gut barriers

Restore - ROOT has selected nature's most powerful ingredients and used bioscience engineering to repair your leaky gut while working to destroy mold, fungus, parasites, and systemic inflammation.

Immune Defense Shield - a combination of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and enzymes working together to help the body maintain DNA integrity and ensure proper cell function, while assisting people with the effects of aging and disease.

Brian Cox
Brian CoxAlexander Headley

The ROOT Brands co-founder Clayton Thomas commented on the experience, “This past week at the Critics Choice Awards Rahm Roast Coffee was brewing for celebrities to help introduce them to mytotoxin-free coffee and a nice pick-up with Zero-In to focus on the rest of their days.  It was a perfect blend of introduction to the celebrities' ability to use The ROOT Brand's patented biohacking products.”

Other brands being gifted included: POOPH, the #1 best-selling pet odor eliminator on the market that is safe, non-toxic, fragrance-free and works instantly, Michael Todd Beauty's award-winning organically based skin care products and at-home beauty devices that ‘bring the spa home’ by Spa Sciences. Sailrock Resort, a premier luxury 5-star resort in Turks and Caicos Island presented a 5-night stay with a private villa, Care A2+, an Australian wellness company providing baby formula to nourish your children naturally with proven results provided their product to guests in need and also allowed them to make a donation of product to a women in need, El Cristiano's ultra-premium tequila, Fog Crest Vineyard, the only black-female owned vineyard in Sonoma, $1000 Certificate of sandwiches by Ike's Love and Sandwiches, vegan candles and body butter by Milena Los Angeles, luxury athleisure wear by Rear Ended “Frame the Booty”, fantastic products that support the body’s natural detoxification by Roots Brands, as well as Shikohin’s Japanese longevity skincare line for men. 

Guests were excited to receive Emeril Everyday products by Emeril Lagasse and items from the fun doggy lifestyle brand, Glow Pups. Action Takers Publishing provided ghostwriting and publishing services giving top talent the opportunity to the write their own book and become a number one best seller.  Other items included; De’Longhi Coffee Makers, Rest Duvet’s Evercool Cooling Comforters, Price.com gift cards, and an additional hotel stay by La Casa del Camino Hotel in Laguna Beach, along with globally recognized travel essentials by Lo & Sons.

Reagan To
Reagan ToAlexander Headley
Shari Belafonte
Shari BelafonteAlexander Headley
Spencer Garett
Spencer Garett Alexander Headley

As part of his commitment to giving back, Gavin Keilly, CEO of GBK Brand Bar partnered with animal rescue organizations, including, Angel City Pit Bulls, and Paws for Life K9 Rescue. The Collective Identity Mentoring, a grassroots mentoring program for black girls and gender-expansive youth, partnered as well. Gavin has secured over $10 million to over 50 charities since 2002.

About The ROOT Brands:

The ROOT Brands is an innovative wellness company co-founded by Clayton Thomas and Dr. Christina Rahm. This dynamic duo has combined their passion for health and entrepreneurship to create a line of products designed to support the body's natural detoxification processes and promote overall well-being. Their commitment to quality and efficacy has made The Root Brands a trusted name in the wellness industry.

Angela Bassett
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