La Bayadère – Shows Coming This April

Ajkun Ballet Company
Ajkun Ballet Company

Ajkun Ballet Theatre’s La Bayadère in NYC, Saturdays & Sundays at 7:30pm from April 13 through April 28, 2024.

Journey Royal India with the timeless classic La Bayadère or the Temple Dancer, a fictional story of romance and pride set to a background of vivid costumes and elegant dancing created by Chiara Ajkun.

The intimate ambiance is stage for the immersive one-act show, where the audience sits feet away from the dancers and is free to take videos and pictures during the event and photos with the cast at the end of the performance.

Performed by the Ajkun Ballet Company on Sergei Khudekov’s libretto and music by Ludwig Minkus, the story of Nikiya, the Temple Dancer who rejects the High Brahmin for Solor only to see him marrying princess Gamzatti, comes to life with the intoxicating colors of fantastic India and the poise of the cast.

Nikiya suits Burbine’s ethereal quality, partnered by the attentive and nobly radiant Tafaj as Solor.

Ajkun Ballet Company
Ajkun Ballet Company

Their professional partnership gave life to many traditional ballets and original creations.

Their chemistry, style and technical command are behind many successful performances of the Ajkun Ballet Company in New York and on Tours to Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Italy, and Kosovo.


Momoko Burbine, Klevis Tafaj, Megan Dollar, Areum Jeong, Bailey Smith, Telmen Munkherdene, Bianca Delli Priscoli, Jeffrey Salce, Abbi Johnson, Risa Tada, Bianka Skenderi,, Tomas Martinelli, and the corps de ballet of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre.

Shows on Sat & Sun at 7:30pm on April 13-14-20-21-27-28, 2024 at the Rudolf Nureyev Space in the historical landmark City Center (130 W 56th Street, 6th floor, NYC).

Ajkun Ballet Company
Ajkun Ballet Company


VIP and General Admission Tickets starting at $59.84 (there are NO tickets available at the door). Children are welcome.

The Ajkun Ballet Company is the professional ballet company of the Ajkun Ballet Theatre.

The Ajkun Ballet Theatre is home to the Ajkun Ballet Company, the Ajkun Ballet School and the AjkunBT Fund. Artistic Director: Chiara Ajkun. The Theater is a nonprofit established in New York in 2001.

Ajkun Ballet Company
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