Catering to New York’s New Wave of Property Investors

Catering to New York’s New Wave of Property Investors

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With a keen eye on the real estate marketplace and a wealth of knowledge on key market trends, 30-year-old Dylan Pichulik observed an untapped need for property management catered towards the growing number of foreign investors in New York City and decided to step in.

To respond to this market demand, Pichulik founded XL Real Property Management, New York City's leading property management firm focused on providing streamlined oversight for individual units owned by foreign and local investors.

"I began to see a segment of the market that was not being targeted. There was an apparent, and growing, demand for property management geared toward foreign investors, who wanted to ensure their investments were looked after and cared for when they couldn't be in the city," said Pichulik. "I decided to start XL Real Property Management to help give this growing portion of the market peace of mind that their investments are secure and their interests were represented. "

Since Pichulik started the company, XL Real Property Management has seen exponential growth, swiftly becoming the largest and most recognized manager of individual investor property in New York City. The team's combined 25 years of experience in the industry allows XL Real Property Management to provide expert attention to every property need and a thoughtful service-driven approach. As a result, the company has become an indispensable asset to owners who benefit from owning New York property from anywhere in the world, eliminating the added stress of handling sometimes complicated daily operations, condo board relations, renovation oversight, rent collection and property repairs.

With an ever-growing portfolio, the company sees no sign of slowing down. States Pichulik, "Our growth has been really incredible. We started with 12 clients in 2012, and now have over 1,000. Our clients come from all over the world – China, France, Israel, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, and Venezuela."

XL Real Property Management provides a wide variety of unique services for clients including: rent invoicing and collection; expense payment; tenant approval and requests; maintenance requests; lease and lease renewal preparation; board application assistant for new tenants/renewals; apartment turn-over services; insurance procurement; renovation oversight; unit owner meeting attendance; facilitation of state and federal tax filing preparation; routine site visits and inspections; monthly and annual financial reporting; and house rules implementation.

"It is important for us to show the foreign investors that it is possible to receive a high level of responsiveness and specialized service even when they may be thousands of miles away," added Pichulik. "We allow for tenants to be less wary of renting investor units, while aiding overall building operations by establishing a local representative. This way, everybody benefits."

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