5 Easy, Affordable Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

5 Easy, Affordable Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

This Valentine's Day, surround your significant other with symbols that illustrate your love. Here are some 5 easy and affordable ways you can create that perfect romantic atmosphere at home:

1) The Scent of Love
Know her favorite scent? Gather all the vases you already have scattered across your home (empty wine bottles, jars, bowls and pitchers are also good alternatives!) and fill them up with her favorite flower! She'll be swept off her feet the moment she comes home!

2) Set the Mood
Use a combination of candle holders and trays you already own and display candles in different heights and sizes to create an oh-so-sexy mood. Light them up before she walks through the door and watch her face glow!

3) Spell It Out
Head to a home decor or arts & crafts store and pick out some pre-made letter blocks to spell out romantic words like LOVE or HEART and display them over the mantelpiece or any other elevated structure in your living room or bedroom. Prefer DIY? Pick up some cardboard, cut out the letters and paint them over in red or pink or wrap them in colored yarn for a love sign on the entrance door to greet your girl.

4) Red Brings Sexy Back
Buy a pair of red accented pillows or a red cashmere throw to "sexy up" your sofa. This also makes for a good investment in the long run as red never goes out of style!

5) Show Her Your Heart, Literally
Buy some thick red or pink paper at your local arts & crafts store and cut out heart shapes and sprinkle them all over your home (or just on and around the bed) for a swoon-worthy romantic confetti effect!

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