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Why These Housing Are Becoming Rare housing types?

Why These Housing Are Becoming Rare housing types?

Some of the housing designs are becoming rare housing types. Modern real estate developments are becoming frighteningly similar. It feels as though all new homes are designed in the same way – with similar layouts and style choices. At the same time, some home variations and styles are quickly going out of fashion. That's not to say these styles aren't attractive or that people don't want to live in houses like them. It's more that modern real estate has moved away from them, so they're becoming rare housing types. 

From an investment standpoint, this opens a box of opportunities. Investing in properties that aren't easy to find can raise the value and boost profits. Of all the house types out there today, these three are perhaps the rarest of them all: 


Decades ago, bungalows were hugely popular. They offered a smaller and more affordable option for families. Instead of buying a big multi-story property, you could own one that's all on one floor. 

Nowadays, you don't see them as often. Old bungalows still exist, but plenty of property owners have taken them and extended them upwards to create larger homes. Can you remember the last time you saw a new bungalow get developed? This rarely happens, and part of this could be down to the rise in apartment complexes. These days, you can find luxury apartments with three bedrooms and as much space as some bungalows. So, why move into a small one-story house when you can rent an apartment and then upgrade to something bigger in the future?

Victorian Homes

During the Victorian era, homes were built in a very specific way. They were massive, with grand faces and bold exterior design choices. There were multiple rooms in the home, with the concept of open-plan living very much a distant thought. Houses like these still exist to this day, which is a testament to their quality. 

But, new Victorian homes are not a thing. We don't tend to follow this design concept anymore! A Victorian renovation has become very common in many of these older homes as people want to open up the interiors and make more use of all the space. Many investors purchase these big old homes and turn them into apartments. But, when it comes to new property developments, you'll never see some in the same style as this. Slowly but surely, Victorian homes are dying out – when they need to be preserved. 

Let's end with a question. Do you think modern real estate is getting boring, or are you happy with the way new homes are designed? They all seem to fit the same mold, which can be slightly drab now and then. Having said that, it does feel as though modern real estate developments are constructed with renovations in mind. The homes do look slightly boring, but it gives owners more room to make alterations and stamp their own style down. Unfortunately, we no longer see many bungalows or Victorian houses, despite both having their own unique quirks and appeal. It begs another question – what will houses look like in a few decades from now? Are modern designs timeless, or will they soon become just as rare? 

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