Luxurious Living: How to Embrace the 'Saltburn' Lifestyle

Discover the history behind the iconic Saltburn house and four homes that offer an aristocratic lifestyle.
Saltburn Movie Poster
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The allure of the majestic Saltburn house, immortalized in Emerald Fennell’s cinematic masterpiece "Saltburn," has captivated the imagination of viewers around the world, including me. I admit that I was a little late in the game by just recently watching the film, but now that I have, I am absolutely fascinated by the characters, the twisted story, and the iconic Saltburn estate where everything that could go wrong, did.

Saltburn Movie
Saltburn MovieAmazon

As the deviant scheme for the lead character to take over the historic manor started to unravel, I was completely enchanted watching every scene that involved shots of this glorious estate. In essence, I feel that it was a character on its own, embodying opulence and a life of decedent aristocratic luxury that we just don't see anymore.

The Grounds
The GroundsAmazon

With 127 rooms, gorgeous perfectly groomed grounds, and a rich interior design, I can see how the "villain", Oliver Quick, went through great lengths to call it his own. It's truly an incredible movie, worthy of rewatching over and over again so if you haven't seen it, I suggest that you make the time.

House Interior
House InteriorChiabella James

In the film, they dubbed this house the Saltburn estate, but in real-life, this mega-mansion is known as the Drayton House. In fact, it's located in Northamptonshire, England, and roughly about a three-hour drive from Manchester.

One of the best-kept secrets of the English country house world.

Gervase Jackson-Stops

Drayton House
Drayton HouseJohn Sutton
It sits in a park of about 200 acres known as Drayton Park.
Drayton House
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The house was constructed in 1300, but with roots that trace back to 1066, including notable refurbishments in the 1700s that introduced an ornate Baroque façade. It's interiors, a blend of history and contemporary artistry, truly showcase this home as architectural magnificence built for the less than 1% elite of the world. I simply can't get enough of it, can you?

EntranceChiabella James
Saltburn Movie Poster
Mozart's Last Castle in Gloggnitz, Austria: A Testament to Musical Genius and Architectural Splendor

Luxurious One-Of-A-Kind Estate Homes

Now, if you were mesmerized by Drayton House's magnificence like I was, then maybe you also wondered if such a caliber residence could be closer to home. Well, you are in for a treat!

I took it upon myself to search Florida’s luxury real estate market to locate properties that echo the Saltburn estate's essence, and here is what I found...

The Mar Pietra Estate in Delray Beach

Location: 2325 S Ocean Blvd Delray Beach, FL 33483

Price: $60,000,000

Specs: 9 Beds/ 12 Full Baths / 7 Partial Baths / 23,136 Sq. Ft.

The Mar Pietra Estate immediately caught my eye as soon as I saw the gorgeous palatial estate entrance, along with its rich descendent interior decor. Behind its private gates lies a spacious compound that exudes Italian Renaissance grandeur, from the world’s finest marble and craftsmanship to the architectural ingenuity that defines its structure. It's an acre of oceanfront perfection that offers a private Saltburn style sanctuary where the luxurious indoors meets the natural beauty of Florida's green paradise like no other.

A Majestic Oceanfront Home in Palm Beach

Location: 1620 S Ocean Boulevard, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Price: $57,850,000

Specs: 5 Beds / 6 Baths 2 Half Baths / 8,723 SQ FT.

This Mediterranean oceanfront villa in Palm Beach takes you back to a time of grace and romantic elegance with every step. Each room makes you feel like you are in a scene in a movie from a decade where the smallest unique design details were expected and appreciated. With stunning ocean views and complete privacy all around, this luxurious house offers a lush life along with a royal taste for excellence.

The Villa Patek in Highland Beach

Location: 4217 South Ocean Boulevard, Highland Beach, FL 33487

Price: $19,500,000

Specs: 6 Beds / 6 Baths / 2 Half Baths / 9,544 Sq. Ft.

The Villa Patek is a rare luxury home on the shores of Highland Beach that made my jaw drop as I scrolled through the image gallery. This prestigious oceanfront estate offers over half an acre of private, gated oasis, with a unique elevation of 17 feet above sea level ensuring stunning panoramic views all around. Offering direct access to the pristine ocean waters and immaculate history rich decor, it's a home that makes you feel like you just teleported yourself into another era. This is a home that's also a time capsule and I love every part of it.

A St. Andrews Country Club Gem in Boca Raton

Location: 17791 Saxony Court, Boca Raton, FL 33496

Price: $12,975,000

Specs: 6 Beds / 7 Baths 3 Half Baths / 12,162 SQ FT.

Located within the prestigious St. Andrews Country Club, this estate home is a rare gem that stopped me dead in my tracks as I saw the grounds. Offering luxury and privacy on over 1.2 acres that includes a resort-style pool and expansive gardens create an outdoor oasis of pure architectural beauty and peaceful tranquility.

Capturing the Essence of Opulence

Personally, I feel that each of these Florida estates have elements that mirror the Saltburn movie home's historic charm, glorified living spaces, breathtaking views, and lavish outdoor surroundings. Whether it's Italian Renaissance or Mediterranean elegance, these homes are as unique as the lifestyle they provide in the sunshine state. As you can see, you too can have the Saltburn lifestyle, right here in Florida.

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