5 Investments That Could Be More Affordable Than You Think

5 Investments That Could Be More Affordable Than You Think

Some people assume that you already need a huge sum of money to start investing. However, this is untrue. There are some investments that you can get involved in with only a few dollars. A good example is putting money in a savings account.

Of course, having more money helps when pursuing certain types of investment. For example, you can’t buy a house with a few dollars or a Rolex watch. In fact, even many high interest savings accounts will require a minimum balance before they start paying you interest.

But just because you can’t start investing with a few dollars doesn’t mean that you necessarily need tens of thousands of bucks to get started. In fact, almost all forms of investment are accessible to those with less than $10,000 to invest - including options like real estate and art. This post delves more into these investments and how to do them affordably.


Stock trading software and apps have made investing in the stock market much simpler. Not only this, but they’ve also made it much more affordable. Aside from the option to invest in high-risk penny stocks, many apps like Robinhood and eToro now allow you to buy fractional shares of larger low-risk companies like Apple and Coca Cola. These fractional shares are essentially shares of shares - and you can buy them for as little as $1 in some cases.

Of course, you won’t make much money investing $1. However, the point is that you’re not tied into a minimum investment of several thousand dollars, and you can instead decide exactly how much you want to invest into each instrument. Fees on these apps are also much lower than what you get when using a traditional broker or investment firm - with some apps charging nothing unless you start investing several thousands. So why not give one of these apps a go?


Certain brands of watch such as Rolex and Patek Phillipe have become symbols of wealth. As a result, these watches tend to increase in value over the years. A good example is the Rolex Daytona - some models have doubled or even quadrupled in value since 2016. Sadly, even new models of these watches come at a minimum price tag of several thousand dollars. However, not all appreciating watches cost this much upfront.

There has been a growing interest in historical watches from non-luxury brands among some collectors. This includes certain models of Timex and Swatch. This has resulted in such watches increasing in value. Meanwhile, Seiko watches have been holding their value very well. All of these watches are much more affordable and can be bought for less than $500. These could be great choices for those who already love watches and who are looking for a tangible investment. This guide to affordable investment watches explains more.

All in all, make sure to do your research before you buy a timepiece as an investment. Remember to also keep the watch in good condition if you want to preserve its value.


The most famous art pieces are worth millions and are constantly increasing in value. But only the rich can afford them. As a result, many investors on a tight budget rarely consider art. However, do you really need millions of dollars to invest in art?

In many cases, no. Many paintings by upcoming artists can be purchased for less than $10k. Not only do such paintings often double or triple in value within a couple decades, but they make a stunning decorative piece to hang on your wall. And there are other ways to afford art investment including fractional shares of artwork. This guide to affordable art investments offers more information.

Having a good knowledge of the art you invest in is important and you should take your time to compare works from different artists. Ideally, you want to invest in works from an artist who is still relatively unknown but likely to become more famous in the future. Edgier and more innovative works of art are therefore worth looking out for, as these are the types of artists that are likely to get media attention in the future.

Real estate

Real estate is seen as one of the most stable and practical investments. However, you can’t buy a property in many locations nowadays without paying a down payment of several tens of thousands of dollars - meaning that you typically need some wealth behind you to get started. Or do you?

In some areas of the US, you can still buy properties for less than $100k. Down payments can be much more affordable on these properties. However, you’ll typically need to invest some extra money into repairs and renovations. However, with the right mortgage lender, this may all still be achievable for less than $10k.

There are also alternative options such as real estate syndication. This involves investing in a property alongside lots of other investors. Consequently, each of you only has to invest a small share. You then earn a return on your share. It’s a great way to get involved in real estate.

Some of the cheapest properties and real estate projects can be some of the riskiest, so it’s important that you take your time to assess what could go wrong before parting with any money. For example, you can buy very cheap properties in high flood risk areas, but the cost of repairs and floodproofing is unlikely to make these properties worthwhile.


Gold is known for being a very valuable material that is also relatively stable in terms of its returns. Many wealthy investors will put some money into gold. But is it an affordable option for the rest of us? You could be surprised.

Gold dealers sell a variety of different gold instruments. Gold coins are some of the cheapest options and can vary in price - however a single coin often isn’t much. Even with a 4% premium added, it’s possible to buy a single gold coin for less than $100. Gold bullions cost a little more, but if you’re willing to use an online dealer who stores it in a vault for you, it’s still possible to buy a 1 ounce bar for less than $1000.

This guide delves more into investing in gold on a budget. Make sure to do your research before putting any money into gold - finding a reputable investor is key and you need to read the terms and conditions to spot any hidden fees.

5 Investments That Could Be More Affordable Than You Think
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