The Best Countries for People to Live and Work Abroad - According to Expats

The Best Countries for People to Live and Work Abroad - According to Expats

Considering a life abroad? Those with a sense of wanderlust are looking for different places to start a new life from scratch. The idea of uprooting has become very popular nowadays, and with the help of globalization, increased freedom of working remotely and frequent flier miles, it is easier than ever to take the plunge. Moving abroad is an appealing option for anyone with a YOLO mentality, whether you are a family relocating for a new job, a Gen Z entrepreneur or a retiree who wants to make the most of the golden years.

While there are plenty of countries to consider when moving abroad, we want to help you and have narrowed the list of the best places for expats while prioritizing various topics, including quality of life, safety, and access to outdoor activities and culture.

Let's explore the best countries for people to live and work abroad.


The United Kingdom is a preferred option for moving abroad, as regarding the largest economy, it ranks second in Europe and the 5th worldwide. The UK has impressive countryside and historic cities that burst with life. Plus, the UK offers access to education and healthcare for free to a certain extent. Migrants will also benefit from top-quality healthcare services with minimal rates for routine checks. The UK is very popular for relocated families, as children can access numerous renowned schools here. The United Kingdom is home to some of the best universities worldwide, including Oxford and Cambridge, which have great campuses, quality education, attractive job possibilities, and so much more.

Plus, here you will have a lot of places to see as the country is absolutely fascinating. If you have made out your mind and want to relocate to the UK, you need to try the unlimited data plans for the UK. In this way, you will receive limitless cellular data connection with the possibility of keeping your WhatsApp number.


Picture this: You are walking down Route 66 with a yard-sale treasure in one hand and a fresh doughnut in the other while the wind blows out your hair. Isn't it the perfect way to live the American Dream? From California's sun-soaked shores to New York City's bustling streets, the United States is a land of adventure and opportunities. So, if you have dreamed of living in a country where you will find a thriving arts scene, world-class education and even a milkshake at 3 a.m., there is no reason to look further.

The United States has the world's largest economy, so it is no one's surprise that the country offers plenty of job prospects across numerous industries. The dynamic job market makes this place attractive for skilled entrepreneurs and professionals seeking innovative business ventures and career growth. Furthermore, America is home to one of the most successful companies worldwide, making this country an ideal destination for those wanting to make their mark globally. If you plan to move to the USA, don't forget to opt for an eSIM.


With one of the best ski slopes, impeccably clean streets, and a short distance from other European cities, it is no surprise that Switzerland is a great place to move abroad. Switzerland is a stable country to live in, with an average high salary of $203,000 (bet you weren't expecting it). Add that to the low crime rate, superb international schools and one of the best healthcare systems around the entire globe, and you have just found a country to live your expat adventure.


Sunny Spain is always an appealing option for a retiree looking for tolerant and passionate locals or those who wish to live in a sophisticated working environment. For starters, Spain has one of the lowest living costs in Western Europe so that you will benefit from affordable housing and quality food costing only a few euros. Furthermore, Spain has international schools, outstanding public healthcare, and self-employment visas that are great options for freelancers, entrepreneurs and digital nomads.

In Spain, you can gravitate towards the big cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, or Bilbao. However, you will feel the Spanish vibe that is always ready for bachata in any town you choose.


While Bali is a hot place for travel in Indonesia, it is not the only island where you can live in the multicultural and massive Southeast Asia archipelago. Indonesia has over 6,000 inhabited islands with impressive volcanoes, exciting jungles, and large expat communities. The country is also ranked high regarding the ease of settling abroad, as expats reported they enjoyed plenty of housing options and high job satisfaction.

Furthermore, expats in Indonesia benefit from a low cost of living in a place with endless vacation options, from visits to natural areas to surfing excursions and beach trips. While the distance, traffic and heat are drawbacks for some people, no one can deny that Indonesia is an attractive destination where you can find new hobbies, like surfing, diving, yoga and plenty of new areas to explore.


France is the answer if you want to live la vie en rose. Whether you dream of a leisurely life with countryside strolls or a busy one where you own your pied-a-terre in Paris, France is a lovely place that offers a grand variety of landscapes and lifestyles across numerous regions. Although the language can be a barrier here, as French people are known for enjoying their idiom without wanting to switch to others, you will find some English-speaking expat communities in big cities like Strasbourg and Lyon.

But keep in mind that France can be quite an expensive country to live in. However, if you consider the social benefits like economic stability, universal healthcare and easy access to top travel across the EU, France might be an excellent option for you.

In which of these countries would you want to live?

The Best Countries for People to Live and Work Abroad - According to Expats
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