Tape In Extensions for Different Hair Types: What You Need to Know

Tape In Extensions for Different Hair Types: What You Need to Know

Ever thought about shaking up your hair game with tape in extensions? Whether you’re dreaming of mermaid-length locks or just want a bit more oomph in your ‘do, these little wonders can work some serious magic. But, like picking the right pair of sunnies for your face shape, matching tape in extensions to your hair type is key to nailing the look. Let’s dive into the deets, Aussie style.

The Scoop on Tape In Extensions

Alright, so tape in extensions are these nifty bits of hair that stick close to your roots through, yep, you guessed it, tape. They're a hit because they're light, don’t mess up your hair much, and let's face it, they can totally transform your look overnight. But, it’s not just about slapping them in and hoping for the best. You’ve got to match them to your hair type for that flawless, “Is that her real hair?” vibe.

For the Fine-Haired Gals

Got fine or thin hair and worried extensions will weigh you down or stick out like a sore thumb? Stress less! Tape ins are actually fab for fine hair. They’re low-key and blend in super well. Just remember to keep it light so you’re not feeling like you’re carrying around extra baggage.

Quick Tips for Fine Hair:

  • Go for a perfect colour match to keep things looking natural.

  • Have a pro do the fitting so you don’t end up with a headache from too-tight tapes.

Thick Hair, Don’t Care

If you’re blessed with thick hair and wanna amp it up even more, tape ins have got you covered. You've got plenty of natural cover to hide the tapes, but make sure you grab enough extensions to match your mane’s mighty volume.

Quick Tips for Thick Hair:

  • Pick high-density extensions to mingle with your lush locks.

  • Layering is your friend for that breezy, blended look.

Curly and Wavy Babes

Curly and wavy mates, you’re not left out! There are tape in extensions out there that’ll match your curls and waves. It might take a bit of hunting, but when you find ‘em, it’s like your hair’s found its long-lost soulmate.

Quick Tips for Curly/Wavy Hair:

  • Look for extensions that vibe with your natural curl pattern.

  • A bit of curl-defining product can help your hair and the extensions get along like a house on fire.

Rocking Colour-Treated Hair

Colour-treating your hair doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the extension fun. The trick is all in the colour match. You can find shades galore, so whether you’re rocking beachy blondes or vibrant reds, there’s something out there for you.

Quick Tips for Colour-Treated Hair:

  • Find extensions that can be dyed if you can’t nail the colour right off the bat.

  • Keep your hair and extensions looking sharp with colour-friendly hair care products.

Looking After Your New Locks

Whatever your hair type, looking after your tape in extensions will keep them looking mint. Use gentle, sulphate-free products, be kind when you’re brushing, and keep them tangle-free at night with a loose braid or ponytail.

Tape in extensions are a cracking way to switch up your look, no matter your hair type. Whether you’re adding volume to fine strands, matching your wild curls, or blending them into your coloured hair, there’s a way to make it work wonders. Just remember, chatting with a hair pro can help you pick the right ones and get them fitted just right. So, what are you waiting for? That dream hair’s just waiting to make its debut!

Tape In Extensions for Different Hair Types: What You Need to Know
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