Enjoy Authentic Tuscany at a Luxury Resort

Enjoy Authentic Tuscany at a Luxury Resort

This wonderful Italian region offers the visitor bucolic landscapes, elegant villages, and cities with ancient souls, which blossom like wildflowers in the spring and early summer. This is precisely the right season to immerse oneself in the greenery, find relaxation among the Tuscan hills, and enjoy the wonder of this historic land. Those who desire to admire natural beauty, escape the city, and indulge in a relaxing stay will find the perfect place in Castelfalfi, a luxury resort in Tuscany nestled among vineyards and olive groves.

Why choose a luxury stay in Tuscany

The love story between nature and luxury is told in Tuscany by places that have managed to blend the beauty of the land with the immersive experience in an oasis of pure relaxation. Choosing a resort may be the right thing if you wish to be pampered by impeccable service, in buildings meticulously cared for down to the smallest detail that evoke the rustic charm of this wonderful corner of Italy. The authenticity is rustic, but the experience will be luxurious. Those who seek refuge in these accommodations are treated to a top-notch experience that includes a wonderful building, a series of meals with typical Tuscan delicacies, and a range of extra services to rejuvenate from the long winter in the city. Visiting the romantic spa is a must, to indulge in hours of absolute relaxation amidst sauna sessions, massages, and a refreshing swim. And then there's the restaurant, where each dish is crafted to present a genuine yet luxurious image of typical Tuscan cuisine.

Unforgettable Experiences Among Tuscan Hills and Castles

Candlelit dinners against a breathtaking backdrop are just one of the many possible experiences in a luxury Tuscan resort. Those who prefer sporting activity can take advantage of trails to explore on foot or by bike. Magical corners that in spring and summer don their most beautiful attire, adorned with flowers, colors, and unforgettable scents, quite detached from the cities’ chaos and heat. For the more adventurous types, a path full of obstacles in the heart of a natural park will be perfect; while the most elegant sport, golf, is always a good idea for a polished and relaxing vacation. The true Dolce Vita, of course, it's on a Vespa, the timeless symbol of Italian style worldwide. A solo ride, a lovely moment with your sweetheart, or a fun ride with a group of friends can be made even more beautiful with a picnic basket. In the expansive parks of a resort in Tuscany, all you need to do is find a quiet corner to unpack the blanket and food for a truly special meal.

The Impeccable Wonder of Wine and Olive Oil Tastings

Breakfasts and lunches, dinners and bucolic picnics: the abundance of delicious foods to enjoy in the region satisfies all palates. And it's impossible to think of a holiday in Tuscany without including a tasting of the fruits of this land. Whether immersed in an olive grove and surrounded by nature or in the delightful, refreshing setting of a cellar, gourmet tasting experiences allow you to discover authentic flavors and aromas which has made Italy famous in the whole world. At the end of the foodie experience, bringing home a bottle of wine or oil will prolong the pleasure of this special vacation. Just opening the bottle will make you feel once again transported among fields and villages with an ancient flavor. What to add to the wine? Good food and good company, along with the dreamlike atmosphere experienced in these lands.

Giving a Stay in Tuscany as a Gift

Uncertain about what to give to a loved one? Celebrating an anniversary or a birthday, or simply spending a relaxing moment in a fairytale atmosphere is the most beautiful gift one can give. That's why choosing this kind of gift is an excellent investment: the recipient will never forget the days and nights spent in one of the most beautiful places in Italy. The medieval villages and parks dominated by nature, the hills on the horizon, and the exclusive service are a true balm for the soul, offering a precious memory to cherish forever. And let’s not forget: this is also a lovely experience for the giver, who may have the opportunity to accompany the recipient in this modern, luxurious grand tour. If relaxation and idleness are not your cup of tea, remember Tuscany and Central Italy are very well known for their historical sites. Visit the cities where art, literature and modern politics were born centuries ago. Have a look at medieval castles and fortified towns sheltered among hills and boulevards. Try the wonders of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Versilia Riviera and return home with a bag full of memories. Your Italian vacation will be one to remember.

Enjoy Authentic Tuscany at a Luxury Resort
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