How casinos have influenced the world of luxury

How casinos have influenced the world of luxury

Casinos have been synonymous with elegance and opulence from the very start. Overlooking the iconic Grand Canal, the world’s first casino welcomed the upper class of Venetian society, with dignitaries and aristocrats playing lotteries and cards to pass the time in style. Centuries later, the word casino still conjures a certain air of pomp and sophistication.

While no longer reserved for the elite, most gambling venues enforce a smart dress code. Incidentally, casinos have long had a strong bond with the fashion industry. Likewise, the most prestigious gambling halls on the planet are often home to five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants. So, let’s delve deeper into the long-established intersection between casinos and luxury.

Casino and fashion: a stylish match

Casino attire is no longer restricted to tuxedoes and cocktail dresses. For the longest time, however, donning formal gowns and elegant costumes was a prerequisite to entering any gambling hall worth its salt. In the 19th century, the casino craze reached a fever peak across Europe. Destinations like Baden-Baden and Monte-Carlo became all the rage among the wealthy elite – an elite that dressed the part to fit in this world of affluence.

Thanks to that gambling boom, microstates like Monaco gained prominence as enclaves of millionaires. Many casinos across the globe returned to this sense of poise and formality in the late 1990s and 2000s to restore their prestige as high-end locales. Even when customers have no obligation to wear trend-setting fashion to sit at the poker or blackjack table, croupiers customarily don a classy black waistcoat and a white button-up shirt.

The impact of casinos on high fashion

Fashion designers have often found a wealth of inspiration in lavish casinos. In 2015, Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld transformed the Grand Palais into a giant casino during Paris Fashion Week. Personal friends of the German designer sat at real gaming tables as the haute couture fashion house unveiled an exclusive version of its legendary suit to a handful of personalities, including French singer Vanessa Paradis and American actress Julianne Moore.

Other fashion shows bet on the casino imagery to rock the runway, with designer Jeremy Scott celebrating the excess and extravaganza of casino culture only two years later in Sin City. Moschino’s Vegas-inspired event was quite the fantasy glam spectacle, putting a showgirl spin on the fashion scene. Meanwhile, fashion houses like Michael Kors have drawn Vegas-themed garments inspired by the city’s iconic neon lights. Following a partnership with the 007 movie franchise, the American luxury brand opened a pop-up underground casino within its Regent Street store. A clever marketing campaign that further cemented the links between casinos, fashion, and Hollywood glamour.

Casino luxury on the silver screen

From The Cincinnati Kid to Molly’s Game, gambling movies are in no short supply. Although not explicitly casino-themed, many more films feature gambling sequences shot in gorgeous casino settings. Macau, Las Vegas, and Singapore have seen their fair share of film shootings over the years, often featuring a star-studded cast all dressed up in the finest clothes. Some franchises are even more closely associated with casinos and their luxurious atmosphere. Over 24 films, James Bond has gambled in nearly a dozen locations. Whether he plays Texas Hold ‘em in the Bahamas or Chemin de Fer in Monaco, the ever-so-suave secret agent never loses his sense of style.

If traveling halfway across the planet to recreate these iconic Bond scenes is not an option for every Bond fan, card sharks may always try play poker or baccarat online. Platforms like casinobonusca are great resources for players looking to find the freshest deals. Hundreds of casino bonuses vetted by industry experts are available at any time. Users can read through the pros and cons of every offer to make an informed decision. Advanced filters and comparison tools help them pick bonuses that cater to their preferences in one click. They can then play it like James Bond on recommended websites known to be safe and profitable.

Casino visitors nowadays do not necessarily need to wear designer clothes to gain access to the nearest gambling hall. Still, the casino world often collides with that of luxury on the runway or in the movies. Land-based casinos honor that legacy by offering upscale services and maintaining an elegant apparatus among their personnel. As for gamblers, achieving a timeless casino look gives extra flavor to the experience, whether by wearing a failsafe black tuxedo or an effortlessly chic black dress.

How casinos have influenced the world of luxury
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