How to Utilize Bold Color Palettes for Luxury Home Renovation

How to Utilize Bold Color Palettes for Luxury Home Renovation

Luxury designs have a habit of falling back on cream, ivory, and beige. But, luxury homes don't have to always be neutral. Let's take a look at how you can incorporate bold color palettes, without compromising on the luxury aesthetic.

Mix Pastels and Bright Colors

When considering your color palette, it is important to look at the combinations of light, bright, and dark colors. This is a tried and tested way in the entertainment industry to bring dimension into any design. Just take something like online casino games, for example. These games are played on a 2D screen but need to appear as 3D to make them immersive. So, when slot game enthusiasts play Sugar Rush at Paddy Power Bingo, they will see that the background uses pastels like powder pink, pale blue, and mint green, whilst the foreground has icons in neon pink, purple, orange, red, and green. This contrast makes the interactive elements of the game pop to make the gameplay more immersive. 

This same logic can then be applied to interior design - using bold colors does not always have to mean that every color is in a neon shade. For a luxurious, colorful design, choose one bright color, then select a few pastels and darker shades that complement your main shade. If you are partial to a bright blue, just off-white and navy can complement the room. For a pinky hue, offset with a pastel purple and a dark burgundy. Or, if bright yellow or orange is your thing, a cream highlight and a dark forest green work well. Incorporating darks, lights, and brights can give the room design more dimension.

Don't be Afraid of Color Clashing 

There is one design rule to follow when decorating any room - do not choose clashing colors. However, modern design is challenging this notion. Cofounder of YesColours Emma Bestley boldly states colors can add a fun, provocative originality to uplift any space, a creative twist that is regularly used by fashion designers worldwide.

To pick your clashing colors, Bestley advises checking out the color wheel to find complementary shades, for example, red and green, yellow and purple, or blue and orange. To ensure that the clash isn't too harsh, the 60-30-10 rule is good to follow; concentrating on one bold color, simply using others for accents, and playing with color through your patterns.

Opt for an Accent Wall

If either of the ideas above feel a little too extreme - don't worry. An accent wall is a great way to bring a splash of color into your luxurious design, without going too bold. To keep the effect muted, opt for more neutral colors on the other walls of the room to make the bold accent wall pop.

A great top tip from The Spruce is to get creative with patterns and textures for your accent wall. A plain color is a fantastic option, but a bold pattern can really make the accent wall into a feature. Then, utilize a range of accessories in the room to clash with the accent wall or bring out complementary colors from the pattern, depending on the effect you're going for, again playing with different textures.

So, if you are looking into renovating your home, and adding in a bit of much-needed luxury, follow these tips to bring a splash or cacophony of color into your designs.

How to Utilize Bold Color Palettes for Luxury Home Renovation
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