All-season peeling to preserve the youthfulness of the skin

All-season peeling to preserve the youthfulness of the skin

Facial skin care includes thorough cleansing. Ordinary products do not always cope perfectly, which is not the case with cosmetics with active acids. The main difference between the product is that the removal of the keratinized layer and other impurities occurs together with the restoration of skin. For this, the composition includes a vitamin complex and antioxidants.

Using a safe peel is not problematic because:

  • application is allowed regardless of the season;

  • provides instant lifting of the area (neck, face, décolleté);

  • means stimulates rapid cell regeneration.

The popularity of bienpeel is due to the effect that women in Korea and other countries of the world have demonstrated. Small consumption and safe composition guarantee effectiveness while excluding the influence of free radicals.

How does the peeling work?

Two-phase serums allow you to appreciate the benefits of a complex effect on the skin. Hydrophobic launches the regeneration process, and lipophilic provides moisturizing and deep penetration of substances. To use the bien peel, it is necessary to clean the skin with familiar means and, afterward, carry out a soft peeling.

The course therapy allows to achieve excellent results. Due to the effect of the composition on the skin, it is possible to: 

  1. Moisturize the skin. The presence of squalane and isopropyl myristate in the composition allows moisture to be saturated in sensitive areas. Their influence is the basis of the lipophilic phase's effect.

  2. Remove the keratinized layer. The product includes several types of acids designed to gently remove dead cells. At the same time, it has a noticeable exfoliating and keratolytic effect on the epidermis.

  3. Improve appearance. The condition of the skin depends on the amount of nutrients and the level of moisturization. Deep moisturizing and stimulation of the regeneration rate can restore elasticity.

Chemical composition consists of different types of acids, including trichloroacetic and tartaric acids. It takes 10 minutes to affect the epidermis. The result depends on the condition of the skin and compliance with the recommendations of the cosmetologist. A common variant of therapy is 5-7 procedures with breaks of up to 10 days.

Reasons for the demand for two-phase serum treatment

Quality care for aging skin includes the removal of the top layer of cells. This ensures an anti-aging effect. Gentle resurfacing allows you to: 

  • protect the skin from external factors (free radicals);

  • restore tone and elasticity;

  • increase the rate of cell regeneration;

  • eliminate visible skin defects after acne treatment;

  • whiten the epidermis due to exfoliation of the upper layer.

Modern stimulators provide instant results without the need for long-term recovery. Since the components have a gentle effect, there is no need to change the daily care regimen.

All-season peeling to preserve the youthfulness of the skin
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