How to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style

How to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style

Whether you’ve been together for decades or you’re celebrating your first year of marriage, anniversaries are an important milestone in any relationship and should be celebrated with style!

If you and your partner have an anniversary on the horizon and are looking for inspiration, here are some ways to celebrate your love for one another.

Renew Your Vows

A vow renewal is becoming an increasingly popular choice among many couples celebrating their anniversary.

Couples choose to renew their vows for a wide range of reasons. It might be that they weren’t able to have the wedding they wanted, due to health or financial constraints. Or it might be that important guests weren’t able to make it and they’d like to include them in a second ceremony. But for many couples, it can equally just be about affirming their love of and commitment to one another and celebrating their relationship with family and friends.

Vow renewals can be as big or small, formal, or informal as you like. You could renew your vows in your back garden with a small gathering of family and friends, under the twinkle of festoon lights. Or you might opt for a wild elopement, just the two of you or with a professional photographer on hand to capture the memories for years to come.

Whatever you decide, remember that vow renewals - just like weddings - should be about what you as a couple want. After all, it’s your anniversary!

Personalised Gifts 

Choosing an anniversary gift can seem like a momentous task. If you haven’t been together long, it might be difficult to know what type of gift your significant other will appreciate. If you’ve been together for years, it can be tricky to think of something new and exciting to surprise your partner with.

Personalised gifts are a great way of showing that you’ve put some thought and consideration into the decision, and they don’t have to be big or expensive, either. A homemade gift can be just as special.

If you’re stuck for ideas, why not consider a traditional milestone gift? These can be interpreted in lots of different ways and make an excellent jumping off point.

Hire a Private Chef

When it comes to what to do on the day itself, many couples will default to the idea of a meal out at a nice restaurant, but there’s a danger that it could feel like any other date night, rather than something special just for your anniversary.

To switch things up, you could consider hiring a private chef to cook you dinner at home. This is something not many couples will have experienced before so it will elevate the celebration, and it also means you’re free to relax and enjoy one another’s company. Plus, since the menu will have been created just for you, you’re guaranteed to love it!

Fun Anniversary Activities

Your anniversary is about celebrating your love for your partner and what makes you such a great couple. That’s why it’s the ideal time to try something new together, that will push you both out of your comfort zone.

Doing new things can help strengthen your bond as a couple and will also give you some great memories to look back on in years to come.

Whether you fancy doing something indoors, like a salsa class, mixology lesson or cookery course, or you want to head outside for a picnic, wild camping trip or a hike at sunrise, there are absolutely loads of different options to choose from. The important thing is that it’s something you’ll both love.

How to Celebrate Your Anniversary in Style
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