How Hackers Can Track Your Location

How Hackers Can Track Your Location

The internet has made it possible for the world to be connected, and while this is helpful, it also opens up opportunities for hackers to steal your information. While you may think that you have everything secure, hackers can steal your login credentials, information about other people you love, and much more. So, can hackers track your location? Unfortunately, yes they can.

Thankfully, you don't have to be defenseless against hackers. We show you the ways that hackers can track your location and how you can take steps to prevent it from happening.

How Can Hackers Track Your Location?

Hackers have become good at tracking people's location. They can track your location in a few ways, so knowing how hackers can track your location can prevent you from getting hacked, stalked, or worse, scammed. Learn about the common methods hackers use to track your location below.

1. Spyware or Malware

One of the most common methods hackers use to track your location is malware and spyware. Spyware and malware helps hackers track your location because they can infect your device and reveal your data in real time. For example, if you download an app or file that contains malware it can activate in the background and download data from your Google accounts to find your location. Unfortunately, this data will get sent back to the hacker and they can use it to track your location. Malware and viruses can also activate location settings in the background.

2. Phishing Links

According to Forbes, more than 500 million phishing links were sent out in 2022, which was double the number that occured in 2021. This means that 2023 likely had even more attacks and that 2024 is likely to be even worse. Phishing links are links to websites that are designed to steal your sensitive information like logins, banking information, app usage details, and much more. These links can be sent to you through email, text, or even on social media applications.

3. Compromised WiFi Networks

Hackers can gain access to your device and track your location by breaking through on corrupted WiFi networks. This can be done in one of two ways; hackers can create a second WiFi network that's similar to the correct one that leads you into a trap, or hackers can break through to your device on unsafe WiFi networks. While the latter is a problem that's been dealt with by better internet security protocols, that's not the case for spoofing WiFi addresses. Therefore, check any network you connect to and be careful with apps or websites you use on that network.

How to Stop Hackers from Tracking Your Location

Stopping hackers from tracking your location can be done in a few ways. The best way to stop hackers dead in their tracks is to make sure your passwords are strong. From there, avoid sharing your personal information with strangers online and avoid posting it on social media profiles or websites. In fact, if you plan on interacting with anyone online we recommend verifying their identity with a people finder free search. This can prevent you from sharing your sensitive information with the wrong people.

Some other ways to check for hackers that got into your device include:

  • Checking your browser to see if it's your usual default browser; if it's not there's a chance that you've been hacked

  • Location settings are enabled in malicious apps

  • Your battery is draining faster than usual

  • Apps suddenly running in the background

The last defense you have against hackers is your online activity. Take some time to brush up on cyber security best practices and don't click on any suspicious links. Enabling two-factor authentication can also prevent hackers from tracking your location by keeping them out of your accounts.

Stop Hackers From Tracking Your Location Today!

Unfortunately, hackers are a part of life and millions of hackers try to steal people's data every year. While it's not always easy to protect your data, you don't have to be defenseless. Following our tips can help you prevent hackers from tracking your location and keep your information safe. Remember, always verify someone's identity before you plan on sharing information with them and don't click any suspicious links or download any unsafe apps on your device.

How Hackers Can Track Your Location
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