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TAP NYC was created and inspired on traditional Brazilian “tapiocarias” – the home of the tapioca! Tapioca is a typical Brazilian delicacy made purely of cassava. It’s a great gluten-free meal and contains no sodium, no sugar, no fat and no preservatives. FINALLY. A TASTY and FILLING BREAD ALTERNATIVE! It is a natural source of energy – ideal for athletes and high performance workers – both fat-free and cholesterol free, with no added preservatives!


The Brazilian influenced and themed restaurant offers a full menu of options for breakfast/lunch or mid-day snacks, using tapioca crepes as its star ingredient to make the “crepes”.




In Brazilian cuisine, Tapioca (Yucca or Cassava) is moistened, strained through a sieve to become a coarse flour, then sprinkled onto a hot griddle or pan, where the heat makes the starchy grains fuse into a flatbread which resembles a grainy pancake. Then it may be filled or topped with either salty pastry recipes or sweet pastry recipes, which define the kind of meal the tapioca is used for: breakfast, dinner, lunch or dessert.

Choices for fillings range from: butter, cheese, ham, bacon, various kinds of meat, chocolate, fruits, condensed milk, chocolate with sliced pieces of banana or strawberry, among others.



267 Columbus Avenue
(b/w 72nd and 73rd Streets)
New York, NY – 10023
917.261.2094 |


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