Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013)

Jimmy Fallon Predicts Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013) on the Robot Takeover circa 2013: From Robot Fantasies to Realities
Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013)
Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013) Peter Yang for Wired Magazine

Robots Are Already Replacing Us

I bought the first issue of Wired Magazine and every subsequent issue for at least three years. I read the inaugural article in March 1993 while riding the L-Train from home to work and back.

A piece I had barely remembered was penned by comedian and late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, who wrote "Robots Are Already Replacing Us", he painted a whimsical picture of a future where robots replace jobs, leaving us with ample leisure time.

I have a nearly life-long interest in robots, so it was interesting and amusing to me.

Fast-forward to today, and it's fascinating to see that some of Jimmy Fallon's comedic prognostications have been realized or may become reality sooner rather than later.

Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013)
Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013)Wired Magazine Cover,

The Robot Revolution: Blarvex 840's Vision

In his article from eleven years ago, Jimmy Fallon suggested a world where robots would handle the mundane tasks of our daily lives, freeing us up for more enjoyable pursuits. He humorously described a day in his future life, filled with omelets, baths, and crossword puzzles while his robot doppelgänger, Blarvex 840 (nicknamed Jim), took over his duties as a talk show host.

Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013)
Blarvex 840 (nicknamed Jim) - updated with AIAI Art curated by Mark Derho for Resident Magazine

Fallon's Imagined Future Was Both Comical and Optimistic

Fallon's optimistic imagined future must then see humanoid robots like Uniteree H1 and Optimus 2 not as a threat but as a source of enhanced productivity and personal freedom—and possibly humor. His article brimmed with lighthearted scenarios of a robot buddy helping out with everyday tasks and even outshining him in his professional role.

Interestingly, the words "Artificial Intelligence" are not mentioned once. I imagine the consensus at the time was that Blarvex 840 would be strictly programmed, not autonomous.

The Present Reality: Are We There Yet?

Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves in a world where robots and AI are indeed becoming integral to various industries. While we may (or may) not yet have personal robot assistants like Blarvex 840 or Open AI's Sam Altmans' favorite film Her (also made in 2013); the advancements in robotics and AI are undeniably impressive.

Companies like Boston Dynamics, Tesla,Unitree and Figure, with their agile robots, and AI-driven software from firms like OpenAI and Google Deepmind are pushing the boundaries of what machines can do.

AI-Enhanced Robots in the Workforce

As Fallon predicted generally, robots have entered the workforce in significant ways and are now changing the equation for labor. Automated systems are now common in manufacturing, logistics, and even service industries. These robots perform tasks ranging from assembling cars to delivering packages and even serving food - 24/7 without breaks, benefits or heath insurance.

The promise of increased efficiency and reduced human labor ($$$) is being realized and actualized globally, though it comes with its own set of challenges and debates about job displacement and economic impact.

Comparing Then and Now

In revisiting Fallon's playful predictions, it's clear that we've made significant strides toward a robot-enhanced world. However, the reality is more nuanced than his idyllic vision. Here are a few key comparisons:

AI Companions for Every Reason

While we're not yet hanging out with robots on the weekends, AI has made its way into our personal lives through virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

These AI companions may not munch on loose bolts, but they can help us manage our schedules, control our smart homes, and provide entertainment—all while learning and adapting to our preferences.

And AI-enhanced personalized chatbots led by ChatGPT take it to another level.

A Robot-Filled Future with a Dash of Humor

As we stand on the brink of a future where robots and AI are an undeniable part of our daily lives, it's essential to keep things in perspective. Just as Jimmy Fallon humorously anticipated a world of robotic companions and automated ease, we should remember to approach these advancements with both curiosity and a healthy sense of humor.

Speaking of humor, it's worth noting that Jimmy Kimmel has had his fair share of fun with the topic of AI and robots. In a recent monologue, Kimmel quipped, "With AI taking over, soon my writers will be algorithms, my audience will be holograms, and my job will be to just sit here and look pretty—which, let's be honest, I'm already nailing!"

Kimmel's lighthearted take on AI's potential reflects a broader cultural sentiment: while technology evolves, our ability to find humor in it remains constant.

So, as robots continue to advance and AI becomes more sophisticated, let's not lose sight of the fun and excitement that come with these changes. After all, if we can't laugh at the idea of a robot munching on bolts while we sip Jamba Juice, what's the point?

In conclusion, Jimmy Fallon’s vision from 2012 might have seemed far-fetched back then, but today, it's not so far from reality. While we may not yet have Blarvex 840s replacing us at work, the integration of AI and robotics into our lives is both thrilling and a little bit hilarious.

Let's embrace this journey with the same optimism and humor that Fallon and Kimmel bring to the table. And who knows? Maybe one day, we'll all have our own robot buddies to share a laugh with over a tall glass of buttermilk.

AI Curated Art by Mark Derho
AI Curated Art by Mark Derho: San Juan, PR Marina AI Curated Art by Mark Derho

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Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013)
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Robots Are Already Replacing Us: 'Blarvex 840' aka Jimmy Fallon (2013)
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