Earthy Tech Elevates Charitable Impact on a Global Scale with Humanitarian Efforts on New Tech Platform

Earthy Transforms Global Charity with Innovative Web3 Platform
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Imagine a world where environmental, humanitarian, and social issues are efficiently and effectively solved as they arise. And envision a place where everyone has access to the necessities needed to live a healthy, productive life. A place where entire ecosystems are rebuilt, and the world's environmental problems are effectively addressed and reduced to relics of a distant past.

All of this is accomplished by regular people in their local communities using powerful technology and financial systems to act and be the change. Earthy is transforming this vision into reality by empowering individuals and organizations to create, organize, finance, and execute the change they want to see in the world, supported by a global community of like-minded people who can participate in the projects with them.

Today many large charitable organizations often focus more on business than on helping those in need. The intentions may seem decent, but the corporate infrastructure can lead to outlandish greed with donations frequently filling the pockets of high-earning CEOs. Earthy breaks this outdated model by paving the way for direct and impactful action through groundbreaking Web3 technology.

Earthy provides an ecosystem-based social platform for financing and executing impact projects on an unparalleled scale. It ensures that resources are leveraged effectively to solve real-world issues in real-time. The comprehensive blockchain is designed not only to fund and support projects but also to provide access to real-world data and additional utility for direct and meaningful impact on a global scale.

Guesswork is evaporated and replaced with logic and reasoning through Earthy's innovative approach. Individuals can submit their impact projects to the platform, and once approved, these projects become eligible for funding. Developers build applications to support the various initiatives, and users earn rewards by staking their tokens in these projects. Over time, projects can withdraw funds through the Earthy app, ensuring that impact projects are funded in a resource-efficient and transparent manner.

With Earthy, every problem is solvable​ and no obstacle is too high. People​ independent of outside circumstances can create the change they want to see, empowered by the entire global community ready to support them. 

Earthy is not just about financial giving. The platform also fosters a vibrant community, enabling users to raise awareness, hire talent, and build networks for their impact projects. It serves as a global hub for all non-profits and impact initiatives, changing the way social platforms can be used for positive real-world impact and connections.

With Earthy, you no longer must depend on others to ensure that projects are executed properly, and funds are utilized effectively. This creates a global "pay it forward" system where individuals worldwide, regardless of their knowledge or trust in a person or project, can ensure that objectives are met efficiently and without friction. Earthy has already developed the layer one blockchain and application, currently undergoing private beta testing. The team plans a full public rollout of the testnet and public beta by August of this year, with the production application and publicly tradable blockchain network to be released by the end of the year.

CEO and founder of Earthy, Sam Singer, developed this sophisticated platform after experiencing a personal need to improve systems. He has used his profound talents to establish a truly remarkable foundation that will transform giving in an unprecedented way. His knowledge is key to the success of Earthy. Pioneering a blockchain platform designed to address global environmental and humanitarian issues, he is a tech visionary and expert in the blockchain space.

"When Earthy is officially released, it will not even remotely compare in impact and caliber to other so-called 'Green' and impact platforms and projects, many of which are simply labeled this way to garner public support and increase profits. Earthy is like a lighthouse in a world that seems to be getting ever darker. It connects and empowers the individual potentials of every human across the globe to achieve positive outcomes for people and the planet."

Sam Singer, CEO of Earthy
Sam Singer, CEO of EarthyPhoto Courtesy Earthy

Having won multiple international hackathons, including the Chainlink Hackathon, and worked on Web3 projects for various government agencies worldwide, including the South African National Energy Development Institute, he is considered a guru in the industry. He is equally recognized and applauded for his compassion for others and his deep understanding of how technology can revolutionize society for the better. Singer's goal is to counteract global imbalances by encouraging sustainable, transparent, and effective impact projects.

"I believe that the keys to change lie within each of us, and that we often forget just how powerful we are and the kind of impact our applied focus and confidence in our ability to create the world we want can have," he reflects. "My goal with Earthy is to provide people with tools that remind them of this innate power we have as humans and amplify the magnitude and reach of these thoughts to translate and apply to the real world."

Growing up in destitute poverty, Singer developed a deep understanding and compassion for those struggling in the world. This commitment to helping the less fortunate culminated in the creation of Earthy, a software ecosystem designed to empower people and organizations globally to effectively address impact issues.

He often reflects on his challenging upbringing.

"I often wish I had a mentor or guide in my life as my father left my life at an early age. It's a miracle I am not in prison or dead given the cards I was dealt at birth. That is why I am building Earthy. I want everyone to have a community of dedicated, passionate, and inspired people that can uplift and encourage people to not only better society and the world around them but also to better themselves by realizing the transformative power of helping others and how it is one of the most fulfilling things any human can do."

With tremendous passion and a sense of purpose, he is confident Earthy is poised to become the world's most impactful technology for global change.

"My goal is that through systems like Earthy, every person has the strength, guidance, and power to change the course of their life and consequently of the world for the better. If we bring together like-minded people and apply their time and energy towards enacting positive change effectively, eventually, using the connective power of technology, it will spread like wildfire and ignite the world with an insatiable desire to solve the unsolvable and connect the lost, for truly profound, unprecedented global change."

Singer is an advocate and brilliant enough to stay focused on being the changemaker the world needs right now. It is not for fame nor glory. It is simply to be a good human at the end of the day that matters most.

"Oftentimes we get lost in things that matter not because we become so entrenched and ingrained in powerless paradigms. We forget that true fulfillment comes from being the best version of yourself that you can be and living for a higher purpose, a purpose which uplifts and changes the world around you for the better. In my eyes, this is the only effectively fulfilling way to live life,” he says. “All other forms of success quickly become monotonous, and people become complacent and hungry for the next thing. The next thing is the infinite cycle of seeking that most people are trapped in when they fail to realize that true fulfillment comes from feelings you can only get from genuinely being a good person and helping those around you, even when no one is looking."


Earthy revolutionizes charitable impact on a global scale by empowering individuals and organizations to create, organize, finance, and execute change using Web3 technology. #earthytech #samsinger #philanthropy

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