Marianne Fonseca Brazilian Supermodel Turned Beauty Entrepreneur

Marianne Fonseca Brazilian Supermodel Turned Beauty Entrepreneur

Marianne Fonseca Brazilian Supermodel Turned Beauty Entrepreneur

Modeling since she was 15, Brazilian native Marianne Fonseca has been a formidable force in the fashion industry gracing the covers of fashion heavyweights such as Bazaar, Grazia, L'Officiel, and has been the face of international luxury brands such as Lancome, Hugo Boss and Dior. But modeling was merely a stepping stone to her true passion of bringing the beauty secrets of Brazil to the world. As Marianne's modeling career has taken her around the world, Marianne Fonseca noticed that the US lacked body care products that were readily available in Brazil. By partnering with Nathalia Maia, who had expertise in launching natural Brazilian beauty brands in the US, together they launched Gente, Portuguese for "people." Together they have created an innovative Brazilian based body care treatment that uses clinically proven formulas for lymphatic drainage and the reduction of cellulite appearance, something that everyone can use!

RM: Tell us about your new body care line, Gente, and what makes it different than anything else in the US market.

MF: Gente translates to people and this body care treatment is for everyday use for everyonemen and women at every age and body shape. In Brazil we are mixed, and I want to show we should celebrate our differences. This is what

makes us more beautiful. Our campaign features women with different types of bodies, color, ages, and sizes. I wanted to also show that models, like everyone else, also have cellulite, and we can only be the best version of ourselves, Marianne Fonseca said.

In Brazil, lymphatic drainage treatments are common and readily available. And in the US, it's very expensive to get this treatment. I realized there was a lack of lymphatic drainage body care treatments in the US. I wanted to create a body treatment that people can maintain at home.

Marianne Fonseca said, I've been doing this since I'm 13 years old and I know how to talk about it and how it works. If you watch our videos on our Instagram and website, you can see that if you do the lymphatic drainage movements in the right way, you can achieve similar results from going to a professional at home.

We also created the Bye Bye Cellulite treatment that targets cellulite. These formulas were developed combining natural ingredients and powerful actives that can penetrate into deep layers of your skin and target specific areas. You will see results in the firmness and smoothness of your skin in 28-32 days, and by this time your cells will have enough time to regenerate.

Initially there will be a tingling sensation because there is an active molecular ingredient that we bought from Monaco which targets that fat cell, and you feel the burn. If you use this during a workout you will see that you sweat more and there's a lot of things happening in your body. The results also depend on the diet you follow and how well you sleep. I never want to sell like a fake dream to anyone, but I think if you are consistent with your body care routine, you will see results.

NM: Brazilians have a very solid and popular body care routine. The biggest beauty market players in Brazil are body care focused brands. This generated a huge expertise and advantage on the segment: from consumer insight to formula and technology development. Gente has a mission to build a strong educational platform to talk about how you can achieve great results – aesthetic and health benefits – with cosmetic products made for your body.

RM: What types of ingredients are indigenous to Brazil that you don't typically find in the US?

NM: Guarana: Native to Amazon, Guarana is a powerful antioxidant with a stimulating effect that facilitates lipolysis and supports metabolism, making it a powerful weapon against "orange peel" skin.

Acai: The vibrant anthocyanin in acai is a mighty source of flavonoids with antioxidant powers to target cellulite pockets and break down pesky fat cells lodged in connective tissue.

Cacau – Cacao also improves the appearance of cellulite by firming the skin and breaking down adipose tissue.

RM: What do you see as the future for Gente?

NM:. Gente provides an amazing sensorial experience with high-level technology, powerful ingredients, and an affordable price point. We are planning to have a portfolio with a complete body care routine with native products and ingredients that come from the Amazon.

RM: How would you describe your personal style?

MF: I love fashion and I love dressing up sexy with a mix of tomboy. I can go from comfortable sweats to a party dress or something outrageous. I love Balenciaga and Saint Laurent but also David Koma in London. I think my style is a mix of everything.

RM: What are some of the most memorable moments you've had modeling?

MF: I think there are a lot of moments in modeling that were important, but the shows and magazines are the most memorable. When I see myself on the cover of a magazine, that never gets old because it's such a special thing to be chosen for the cover. Magazines are very important, because they push the limits in fashion, with the wardrobe, the makeup and the story that is being told there. Fashion shows are exciting because of how fast they happen but there's a lot of work that goes on behind the shows.

RM: What was the highlight of New York Fashion Week for you?

MF: This time I came to New York, not just as a model, but as an entrepreneur to launch the

brand in the biggest city in the world during NYFW and see people's reaction to the product. I also worked the shows, which is always amazing.

RM: I read that your birth sign is Sagittarius, do you feel that you possess the traits of your astrological sign?

MF: I am a Sagittarius, my rising is also Sagittarius, and my moon is in Aries. Everything is fire in my chart. So yes, I love traveling and exploring new things. I love being free and helping others. I think that's one of the reasons why I created the brand because I wanted women to feel confident even though they have cellulite, or they're older, younger, curvier, or whatever. I wanted people to feel better about themselves. I think that reflects how Sagittarians think, as they are very free and just go with the flow. I also have four houses in Capricorn and the hard work comes from that, because I am a workaholic. There's a balance of both, I have a very fun and fast lifestyle, but I am very grounded in what I want. Those two things combined have helped the brand grow to where it is now, and this is just the beginning.

RM: What advice would you give to younger women today?

MF: If I could go back in time, I would try to tell myself, "Don't overthink too much. Respect the moment that you are living now, because every moment is an important buildup of who you're going to become later." These days, we are expected to plan so much and have it all figured out. It's okay to not have everything figured out. You have so much time to explore. I'm 32 and I'm starting my company now. There is never a perfect time to start something or not. Be confident in who you are. Learn that every day, be the best version of the person you are but also, live in the moment because we are only good for the day. That's why we go to bed at night and shut down our brain, and then when we are prepared for another day.

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