Reyna Brings An Enchanting New Twist to the City

Reyna Brings An Enchanting New Twist to the City

One of the most anticipated openings in NYC was REYNA, Toronto's reigning Mediterranean snack and cocktail bar conceived by restaurant industry veteran Nicki Labori and set in the heart of Union Square.

The atmospheric restaurant is designed as a lively gathering place where the vibe, food, and drinks intermix to create a wholly unique restaurant experience.

Address: 11 East 13 st

Serving both tapas and larger plates, REYNA's menu features a delicious mix of Spanish, Greek, Italian and Arabic dishes rooted in bold, Mediterranean flavors.

Signature highlights include the Lebanese "Tacos" made with housemade flatbreads, REYNA-spiced chicken or falafel, garlic aioli, Lebanese pickles, Turkish salsa, and crispy onions; the Lamb Baklava made with kataifi, braised lamb shank, burnt honey saffron aioli and pistachio; and Manchego and Cauliflower Croquettes with Spanish aioli.

Alongside REYNA's signature dishes are new menu items exclusive to New York, including seafood towers, paella, and Turkish manti. Heading REYNA's culinary team is Chef Andrew Lott, a longtime Chef at REYNA Hospitality in Toronto.

REYNA's royal-inspired bar program offers a clever twist on classic cocktails. Highlights include: Please Sir, Some Meaux made with brie cheese fat washed Woodford bourbon, pear and walnut syrup, lemon, egg white, cabernet sauvignon, Chambord and scorched pear bitters; Eleanor's Mistress made with fig and white mustard infused gin mare, paw paw liqueur, apple thyme syrup, white port, pares Balta cava, lemon and fig, and fennel bitters; and Bored in Buckingham made with duck fat washed double oaked Woodford bourbon, plum liqueur, confit blueberry syrup, lemon, cardamom bitters, plum bitters and absinthe soaked rosemary.

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